… is the result intellectual annihilation?

“There is science,” says The Sage (he’s been absent from my life for over a week and I was getting worried) “and there’s superstition.”

While he’s happily purloining what’s left of my rum I ponder his perspicacity—not for nowt is he known as The Sage. I’m aware suddenly that he’s gone again and so is the last of my rum. No point going for a top-up, Spouse gets distinctly chilly if I have too many—dammit, I spent a long time in the navy back when rum was a staple. I’m qualified.

Science versus superstition? Maybe he has a point. Or maybe I have the point, to me science is superstition. No lines of demarcation here, the witch doctor chanting his spells blends seamlessly with the scientist mumbling his formulas. Science began and continues with superstition; if successful (i.e. repeatable on demand) it eventually evolves into technology—the flat earth supports orbiting satellites and all is well with the world.

I put religions into the same box and find they fit snugly. As devout as you (Sir or Madam) undoubtedly are, your religion is predictably (almost entirely) the product of your cultural heredity and your environment. You know, memes and things. And now …

TO MENTION THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT is to invite disdain from the educated. Fairly so, as things don’t go bump in the night. Not in an educated man’s house. So to avoid offense I shall not mention in any shape or form—

  1. telepathy
  2. precognition
  3. reincarnation

Or not; it’s hard to disbelieve in the existence of something you’ve actually experienced at first hand, something you’ve done yourself, as in 1 and 2 above. Item 3 I merely believe in, so far as I know I haven’t actually done it (but I have my suspicions). It’s all a bit like when the scientist brightly tells me I don’t exist and am mostly just empty space—

“I’ve known a lot of people like that—” a boozy voice suddenly mumbles in my ear, making me jump. Damn, he’s back. “—lust a load of elementary particles like quacks and bisons all separated by huge distances. All mindless energy, nothing solid. Hic.”  Perhaps if I ignore him he’ll go disappear himself …

With due apologies to the scientists and even philosophers who tell me I don’t exist, I just can’t accept it. To even try to not be me when I so blatantly am*  goes a bit against the grain—

There was a Faith Healer from Deal

Said “I know that pain isn’t real—

Yet when I sit on a pin,

And it punctures my skin,

I dislike what I fancy I feel

Oops. Lengthy post alert, I’ll taiho here for now and post about telepathy soonest. And eventually on precognition, complete with my theories (which truth be known are distilled out of all the others I’ve dabbled with over decades).

Reincarnation (wait until you see the photos) (boring!) will have to be ‘thoughts upon’ rather than observations from personal experience (but even there I may surprise).


* Blogito, ergo sum


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