Might and Right

There! Done, and devil take the hindmost—  oops …

“You’ve done it now,” a voice slurs in my ear. Oh no, he’s back again. Not bad, it’s been weeks this time; what on earth could have dragged him from his boozy limbo, or cruising the skies under feathered arms like most ancient mariners?

“Your post in the other blog, the one on religions—”  Oh. That one.

Which one? I’ve done oodles of them—

“—the one you titled ‘Unholy holiness‘. It could get you crucified, you know.”

Bummer. I thought crucifixion was out these days, we live and learn. I thought the Holy Christian Church fancied the stake now; more merciful (and much better theatre, a variation on the ‘panem et circenses’ to keep quiescent the faithful)? Anyway, Christians at least are forgiving and Allah is the ultimate in compassion. I don’t know about ol’ YHVH—are his adherents still rocking their womenfolk? Brrr.

“Should I apologise?”

He doesn’t answer, he’s rabbiting about in my book shelves looking for the rum crock. He won’t find it, too well hidd—


—damn, not well enough. While he slakes a thirst that must’ve taken his albatross alter ego weeks of flying to generate I cogitate on the sinfulness of Truth, and wonder why in too many parts of the world a man takes his life in his hands by speaking honestly.

Should I edit my post? Even remove it?


Is the truth to be hidden because some insane fundamentalists are ordered by their clerics to silence anyone not spouting the party lines of the franchise in power?


To hell with them, I’ll say what I believe.

“More fool you, then,” the Sage mutters over a lowered crock. Holds a litre of Pussers best, it did.

Time will tell. And if in the Kingdom of God I’m not allowed to say what I think, I’ll head south and take my chances with Old Nick down in the boiler room stoking the boilers … and who knows, He might be more into freedom of speech than the Pope, Rabbis, or Mullahs ever were or could be.




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