… must therefore exist.


“Temporo, ergo est”  (or something like that).

Is it time to define time? Off the top of my head then—

Time is the medium of Change


—meaning: no time, no change. None. Zilch.



“Yes, little Virginia?”

“Mummy, what’s a Singularity?”

“Singularity … hmmmm. A singularity is a dimensionless point in time and space containing everything that ever was, is, or will be; squished down into an eternal timeless non-existent nothing.”

“Wow! …  … Mummy, what’s a Big Bang?”

(Pest!)  The Big Bang, my sweet child, is what you get when something in your singularity shifts and so triggers a colossal explosion that releases the entire universes—”



What could possibly change in a timeless singularity and so trigger a Big Bang?”

“How many times, beloved child, do I have to tell you not to get all metaphysical in a blog? Now be a good girl and just exist. Quietly.”

“So we’re not going to discuss how long the singularity existed before it went bang? Or where it came from?”


I guess not, so we’ll just have to figure it out for ourselves. As a start point we’ll revisit “No time = no change” … you know, if you slow the movie down as it goes through the projector all the action slows; if you freeze-frame the movie all motion ceases.



“Yes, Virginia, my darling child?”

“Daddy … how long can you stop time for, before anyone notices?”

” … … … (Eeeeek) … … Silence, pest! Or I’ll nail your slipper to the floor and you’ll walk round in circles for ever!”


Virginia raises good points though:

  • Does time exist, even if it’s outside of anyone’s control?
  • And if it does exist—does it ‘flow’ as common sense dictates from simple observation?
  • You know, that old past-present-future thing; is it for real?

I say not.

But that’s for a future post, next time — and I thank you this time for your time.




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