Eyes closed, legs crossed …

I promised someone a wee while back that if ever I found that photo of a duck landing I’d post it here. This may well be the one, so here ’tis anyway—

a duck

—and when I was working on the bog (peat bog, MAMFA everywhere and all the fresh air I could eat for free—talk about perks! ) the bugbear in season was the wind. The old equinox airflow used to fair howl along the furrows and blast over the tops of any herbage left standing; and on one occasion I watched a duck landing.

Now if someone could tell me the landing speed of a duck we’d probably know the wind speed at the time (just a breeze, we weren’t yet into the full blasts at that stage) ‘cos that quacker came down vertically, like a helicopter. He looked a but surprised once he’d parked up—perhaps thankful might describe him better; he tipped me a nod that said “Any landing you can walk away from is a good one, Bud!” and off he staggered. I think his arms were a bit tired …


is a duck landing. Sometimes albatri (albatrosses?) are interesting to watch as they land, easily the most magnificent fliers of them all they seem to clutch to cactus on finals. (That Disney movie ‘The Rescuers‘ got it in one; the animators must’ve cheated and copied from life.)

(Yay! The technician has been, my internet is sort of working again. Now I just have to shift the antenna gizmo from its rubber suckers inside the window to a pole on the roof, and I’m in business— 


“Yes, my Beloved?”

“Pole on the roof? Who—?”

“Moi, Toots! Argie, mountain goat first class with honours—”

—watch this space. She didn’t have to go silent and look quite that thoughtful … )



* MAMFA? Courtesy of Billy Connolley’s “World Tour of Scotland”, it means Miles And Miles of not a lot …



11 thoughts on “Incoming~!

      1. Excuse the mistake but I quacked a tooth while typing… hard to spell correctly when you’re just using your face, I must have a minor mallardy….

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