We Belong


doo dah, doo dah …

And so it has to be togetherness.


but first, what is the mysterious ‘togetherness’? Wotsit mean to you, eh?

To me it means the pleasure of—the taking pleasure in—another’s company. I had picked out a bunch of shots, threw out the lot then in a pang of remorse salvaged just these. It occurred to me that there’s no shortage of togetherness shots in my armoury, that’s what comes of having a twitchy trigger finger—


Together in the park, snuggling under trees, revealed by a stray sunbeam—it just don’t come more romantic than this …


Unless your togetherness is out in full view … “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” … and this in the kiddies playground too, right under the approving eye of one cherubic onlooker (suffering the evil effects of the dreaded cold shower).


nothing better to relax than good food in pleasant company; main course well-matured hay lightly seasoned with rabbit raisins, following the horse-d’oeuvres—



know who they were—but who says that ‘togtherness’ can’t be shared among species, hmmm?



to enjoy more togetherness. I might get it together—with a cold beer and hot sausages, or at the wee kiosk with a bowl of hot chips in the park; or picking off targets of opportunity such as—


—this young Maori lad getting together with something that reminded me of a long time ago on a day just like this …



11 thoughts on “We Belong

      1. Sounds intriguing. How do we stop the wolf biting first?

        Dammit, if they catch on there could be a franchising chance here …

      2. I suggest coercing someone we really dislike into distracting the head end of the wolf while we grab the nipples and leg it in the opposite direction…if we make distracting the wolf the lesser of two evil options, they’d be game.

      1. Got it. Spot on~! Especially if the ocelot has been nosing in about in rabbit raisins …

        Spouse and I once made a huge snowball into a huge snowman on a Scottish golf course. Next day demolished by someone with a tractor, we thought it had to be the groundsman.

        Be that as it may, days later when the snow had gone there were vast amounts of rabbit raisins in just one small area; it finally occurred to us (swift, I tell you!) that rolling snow balls gather not only snow …

      2. “Get your ocelots-noses here..” it’s a quote from The Life of Brian as if you didn’t know, and yes it’s a sort of catty furry thing with big dark spots, and big eyes, very cute.

      3. LOB will have to be next. I have it but Spouse doesn’t dig pythons all that well so I’ll watch it on ‘puter. Later, right now we have to pop into town.

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