That, Sir or Madam~


is the sound of spring springing.


today. Big deal. Took my camera, too. So?

So last night I visited a webbie; went there again this morning and am now thoroughly discombobulated. Until then I’d thought that great art was dead. This guy is a genius with a camera, or special effects, or both. His shots are superb. I said as much on his ‘comments’ pages and ran out of ‘like’ buttons. I fear I may even have gushed a little …


is an over-used word so I never use it. Even though I did find his shots inspirational and felt inspired. At the end of the day after my walk I looked at my own efforts, and quickly boiled eighty-two snaps down to about thirty. Which on the morrow I shall probably further reduce to about zug.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of lambs I shot—

Spring lamb 2013 b


it’s for keeps, other than cropping I never tweak, what you see is what I saw. Sort of … thank heavens for zoom lenses, I was far enough away that the little guys weren’t overly worried.

Until I snoze. My sneezes have something of the quality of naval artillery from bygone eras in them—they probably equate to at least six inch and that’s without bragging. Make it eight …

It’s amazing how fast lambs can fly but a couple of fields further on I lucked on to this sleepy cutie—

Spring lamb 2013

—and I have to admit that the day called for nothing less than such total appreciation. I tip-toed on by and left him to dreams of buttercups and clover and things—little does he know that tomorrow the weatherman has booked us in for showers and stuff, Thursday is still down for thunderstorms. New Zealand thunderstorms are pussycats, but a newly minted lamb won’t know that (oops, no pun intended).


The one that caused me such envious anguish and admiration—


—and may you find at least a few there to ring your bell. I certainly did!





6 thoughts on “SPROING~!!!

  1. I read “here’s a couple of lambs I shot” and thought lucky fella, fresh lamb for dinner 🙂

    Great pictures….enjoy the spring…we’re hurtling towards winter up in yonder northern lands and most folk here are not happy about that.

    1. I’ve just replied to a global-warming-enthusiast (we the deluded call them ‘alarmists’) … and am confused: what’s to worry about in your ever increasingly mild (nay, semi-tropical) winters?

      Or did ol’ tildeb get it wrong … ?

      My sister refuses to eat lamb, in vain I tell her that the stuff sold as lamb isn’t. It’s young(ish) sheep, but definitely not lambs. I think they’re delightful, especially when playing ‘chase the leader’.

  2. Hey thanks!!! I so appreciate the appreciation! And you’re a kiwi (which is good because it was the 1st really far away place I ever traveled to) AND you have outrageous sneezes. So do I! Mine could scare the population of a small town awake. That last lamb shot is so nice!

    1. Coming from you, Sir, that comment is high praise indeed and I’m honoured. Your shots inspire me~!

      As for mega sneezes, I blasted half the contents out of my coffee mug once and the follow up cleared my desk top of freshly soggy papers. It’s a curse, I tell you …

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