Black and White Photo Challenge : Texture




of what you see—


—this little guy was pretty well Black and White anyway, but in the spirit of the thing I fed him through the B & W filters (gave him a good scrub just to make sure).

Originally I tried the image flipped on to its side, which turned the squirrel (?) mouse (?) into a cat (?) … imagination aside, I liked the texture of that old driveway.

They have footpaths (pavements, sidewalks—thank heavens the English language is unambiguous and never confusing) in town that have a large proportion of crushed glass bottles in them, I’ll see if I can get a decent shot when the sun is sparkling …

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 11.07.50 PM

… varying textures of sand at Orepuki Beach. For some reason this beach sometimes makes one think of Zen gardens. Occasionally the beach changes texture and colour; when it grows black (and almost oily-looking) patches is when the gold bugs come swarming with their quadbikes, shovels, and set up portable riffles in the creek …


… the same beach, further along, looking at the cliff face. Sculpted by wind and tide, sandstone with layers of mud. All good stuff in colour—memo to self: next time try this shot in hard sunlight.


we have time for now. It’s very much a learning curve, and from this end great fun. Off to town later (Spouse has an appointment with the dentist at tooth-hurty). I’ll keep an eye open for more shots, I’m feeling challenged …





5 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge : Texture

  1. That’s a marvellous squirrel in your drive. Lucky little fella that you spotted him/her.
    I like you sand shot too. Personally I like to muck about with contrast on my photos, particularly with black and white shots, although I only tweak just enough to enhance the original image, it’s good fun.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I have a couple of cameras and am master of none; very much a learning curve. That wasn’t my own driveway, it was in town somewhere and I couldn’t resist it (Spouse walked on shaking her head …).

      Contrast, hmmmm~!

      1. I only have the one camera, a little Canon digital point-n-shoot, but the resolution is sufficient to take a pretty good snap. It has all sorts of functions and gizmos on it to enhance the image, but I tend to stick to what gives me the best light. I don’t like to tamper with my images too much but just enough so that it matches the vibrancy and contrast of what I remember.

        It’s still a great squirrel even if he does belong to someone else…

      2. Thank you Argus! The colour version is one of my favorite shots from my first trip to Venice. I did crop it slightly for the B+W challenge. It’s all part of the art.

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