Weekly Photo Challenge : Point Of View




… so below. To some. Others just point and click, serendipity rules.


I never invested vast sums of money in photography courses—the camera does it all for us these days, we point, clutch to ‘auto’, and the camera spits out the shot.


I never invested vast sums of time in learning the ins and outs of making glossies, prints, half-tones, high-key, low-key and other esoteric stuff. All very arty-crafty in its time, effectively redundant now.


We no longer need visit the chemist for our prints. Or the photo-shops. Or fall victim to furtive habits in darkened rooms, involving much giggling, chemistry, and occasional screams or muffled curses; all strictly temperature controlled and timed down to the second on (get this~!) ‘tick-tock’ time pieces. You want to develop? You want it enlarged? You should be so old-fashioned …


it’s all done today by the magic of dancing electrons. No longer is photography an arcane art involving years of apprenticeship and study; the whole process is in your hands—make of it what you will. No films to buy, no films to load or cassettes to change (“thirty-four, click, thirty-five, click, thirty-six click, ~bugger! Out of ammo!”).

Depending on the money spent on the magic card and/or the definitions chosen your wee camera can hold hundreds if not thousands of images (or movies of so inclined). Sure beats having a horse-drawn wagon filled with darkroom tent and a huge box on a massive tripod into which you insert the single-shot wet plate … aaaah, we wuz real photographers in them days!


Point Of View (POV). The great thing about POV is that give it a good spiel and you can justify any shot, such as with my first below (which doubtlessly some might cynically believe is left over from the ‘texture’ series. Good call, but wrong, I took that snap when out on my walk an hour or so ago)—

Holy Pie

—and I call it “Holy pie”. Think of it as a wee visual pun, originally I was going to call it “Eureka! Mathematical impossibility becomes concrete reality!” I was playing about with circles, holes, formulae; and the fact that here is physical proof that it is possible to square the circle …

The metaphorical gate-post
The metaphorical gate-post

In New Zealand if taking someone into our confidence we often say (you have to peer around craftily and cover one corner of your mouth with the back or your hand whilst doing so) “Just between you, me, and the gatepost—” … so if you’ve never seen it, this (above) is that very gatepost.

the 3 wise monkeys are on holiday, Pinocchio here is standing in ...
the 3 wise monkeys are on holiday, Pinocchio here is standing in …

NOW the eye is drawn irresistibly to the humanic figure in the foreground. If you saw ‘him’ as the subject you could almost be right, but actually I was using him as a metafor phor the state of the average human being in the present global economic and warfare systems.

My actual subject is the gathering storm approaching from the deep south behind him. Blissfully unaware, and unable anyway to face the truth he’s happy to bask in the sunlight and watch me pounding my path. Usually I just wave as I go by. Dunno why I bovva, Guv, ‘e never waves back …

THIS NEXT is just a variation on one of yesterday’s. I’ve been advised that iPhoto can do more than be a mere ‘shoebox for prints’, so I’m learning to tweak. Tweaking is good, tweaking is fun, we should tweak more often …

Yes — technically it IS a liquid ...
Yes — technically it IS a liquid …


I’ll have a poke about in me old ‘ditty box’ to see if there are any ‘unusual POV’ shots therein. My ditty box is iPhoto and there’s several thousand shots in there so don’t wait up—I may be quite some time …





5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Point Of View

  1. If you stare hard at the Holy Pie whilst letting your gaze wander within the bounds you may see swarms of dancing dots and swirling swirls moving in the concrete—a true serendipitatious effect!

  2. I see what you mean about the pie…. I think I need to have a lay down… swimmie eyes and head…

    You know I was just having that very conversation with my nine year old, testing her knowledge on liquids and solids over dinner. The glass one always gets them, but she knew… damn.. (obviously remembered the last time we probably had a similar conversation and I tried to dazzle her with weird and wonderful facts). The her smart-alec dad pipes in and has to trump my hand with “actually all solids are technically liquid, but aren’t classified as such because their flow is so incredibly slow that changes in structure are almost negligible within a person’s lifetime, therefore rendering them as stable” (as is so with glass really, which is also classified as a solid I thought, although slightly more viscous than say, a rock, unless you put a rock through it and thus changing its state completely [grin])

    I see Pinocchio had to find a fence to prop himself against, suddenly felt the weight of the socio-political storm baring down on him from above obviously. Mind you strings usually lead to kites and kites in storms are usually an unhealthy proposition, particularly if you are stupid enough to go out in one with one! He’s still better off without them I say.

    Great shots and marvellous contrasts! 😉

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm and most welcome hints and tips.

      As for glass being a liquid (blew my mind when first told that, ‘cos we use glass to store liquids in …) I think it’s something to do with the atomic structure being random.
      I prefer my liquids to be all wet and sloshy …

      1. Yeah mine too, it was one of those facts like when you find out that lightning travels in both directions not just from the sky, or finding out that a tomato and cucumber are fruit. With the glass though it made total sense as to why really old windows were always so warped and thicker at the bottom. I just assumed that the folk of old were rubbish at making glass. What did I know?

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