I found this both interesting, fascinating …




… and more than a littleΒ Spoooooky~!





16 thoughts on “HAVING A HUGE RESPECT

  1. Hey why make Pinocchio out of wood?
    Did you ever watch the film ‘Hugo’? It was loosely based on the chap who built the automaton in the film clip you’re linked…

      1. Funny you should say that… I had a dream last night where you were recounting a children’s story to me about dragons… I shall have to write it up as a post. You had a very impressive library in my dream, which also included many children’s books I spotted

      2. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay … here I go, looking up Hugo … this could explain why we love ‘Brave’? (I challenge anyone to watch it and not get all wet-eyed at the almost-end).

  2. So you’re the fiend that goes around peoples’ libraries spotting the books …

    Me too. Especially schoolboy-lit set in earlier generations (Talbot Baines Reed was a favourite, and I loved the Billy Bunters) (ol’ Biggles taught me to fly, and some of the great classics showed me the world). Spouse and I loved the Harry Potters up to and including part 3, after that they became disposable and we didn’t bother any more. The first ones had a magic about them …

    Power? Yes!

    1. How could I not I have three young children between the ages of 3 and 10? I love children’s books, especially reading them to my kids, it’s always a very lively affair that sort of loosely follows the script, but the objective is always to shock and produce belly laughs.
      When I was growing up however I had a fairly extensive collection of very old children’s books handed down from friends and family. I particularly liked my 1920s copy of the Grimm fairy-tales, which I still have somewhere.
      I agree about the magic. I shall send you a link to the story John told me in my dream last night, almost done… πŸ™‚

    1. No idea how many times we’ve watched it, and still keep finding new things in it. They couldn’t have got a better voice for King Fergus, and Merida (although a bit dim sometimes) just blows me away. In my whole life I only ever fired a longbow once and my arrow slithered along the ground β€” there must be an art to it …

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