POEM of the DAY (14)




I squash over to make room on the ol’ bench for the other kind. So long as they leave me alone I try to leave them alone, and only intrude into their misuse of Freedom when they trespass against mine.


there do exist examples of what I would refer to as ‘good’. Good is—can be, should be—a universal. Sometimes Good is claimed (and misclaimed) by closed minds and used as a tool or weapon to justify their often arrogant existence. Hell, I do it myself:  if ‘God’ is an accepted concept I use the term freely—that one three letter word can carry great meaning to Jew and Gentile alike, True Believers or not, and the use of it saves volumes.


in some of the world’s ‘holy’ scriptures. Often a simple common sense theme carries down through the ages, the packaging may change but the message—founded in sense and compassion—endures. Truth outlasts religions much as passengers outlast drivers in long-distance coaches.


with today’s poem (often described as an essay, but these days anything passes as poetry). Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist or Whatever—who can challenge the simple wisdoms and compassion in this well-scribed screed—?


Big D



I don’t much like to analyse (I think that to pull a clock apart is to lose track of the time) so I’ll highlight just a couple of relevant lines, outstanding in an outstanding work—

lines three & four

—whilst regarding the whole as outstanding in a sound-bite world filled with instant ‘wisdoms’. There are many copies floating about on the web, some spaced, some tweaked, some positing different dates.

When I first happened across this work it was claimed to have been discovered on a leftover schlopp of paper by a cleaner in a chapel somewhere. Perhaps I should pop over to Wiki …

… which gives quite a different story. And a few links to some truly beautiful works of penpersonship* well worth the effort. I’d have posted samples herein but don’t want to risk violating a copyright or three.

And in case you missed it, the work is called DESIDERATA.



In the old days I’d have written the all-embracing word ‘penmanship’ but striving as I am to be PC … though I do still use (so sue me!) actress for female actor, comedienne for female comedian, aviatrix for lady jet-jockey etc etc. The English language was adequate and a lot less confusing before the nice folks with political agendas started fiddling. (No wonder kids today are confused, and too many otherwise edjkated folksa bit illich—  illitra— can’t reed or rite proper.)



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