Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


This may sound a bit weak, but




of taking a camera everywhere I go. For ‘purpose-built’ outings I take my good camera (the one with the improbable zoom) but for just routine visits to town the little pocket Canon. For exercise jog-walks the celephone has a camera—sort of—built in which does the job (kind of). If feeling artistic I take my years-old Olympus ‘cos I think it gives the best colours and stuff.


habit enough to qualify for the challenge, then carrying a camera everywhere should by itself suit. But wait, it gets worse—I’m also captivated by time and it’s effects. So I’m almost always habitually pondering on the topic of time’s changes. Combine the two with a day out at the beach and we have—

Orepuki Nov 13

—a foreshore that looks unchanged in millennia. In fact it’s changing all the while, and those cliffs are steadily working their way inland. From week to week, storm to storm, this beach changes. When we were there and got these snaps during the week the beach was all lovely sand—and still we got our best ever haul of garnets. Other times the beach is all shingle and pebbley rocks much like the few in the snap above; you can never pick in advance what you’ll find.


oh yes … the snap below is of a simple farm gate. Why, you might ask, did someone stick a gate right there, on the hedge of nothing and gating nowhere? Simple, really—

Old farm gate

—it was a gate between two fields, one of which has been gobbled up by the encroaching tide. In just a year or so such gate as you see above won’t be there either (frankly I blame Al Gore, this was a nice stable coastline until he inconveniently invented Global Warming).


Oh yes … I’m hooked on eating (several times a day in fact) and adore good coffee. I also like to seek out unusual aspects of the same-old same-old, as in the shot below; when taking it I had cars and trucks slow right down to see what the demented old goat was doing this time—


he was listening to the voices of the gods, that’s what, singing in the wires and humming in the very pole itself. (What you can’t see in the snap is the two-foot wide strip of plastic or aluminium/whatever higher up; to keep the blasted possums from going any higher and getting sizzled—it’s one of their habits that the power people have to make allowances for.)





5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. Great pics….I especially like the first one and its accompanying concept. I guess Al Gore has a lot to answer for…when houses crumbled into the sea not so long ago, folks would kick the bricks that still clutched to dry land with annoyance and blame it all on cowboy builders…but these days its all because we’re all terribly inconsiderate planet poisoners.
    I try to listen to the voices of the gods too, but I can’t hear ’em. I can hear the bells of our local church “practising” bell-ringing (an idea I could never quite see as meaningful). Tis an odd thing because when us irreligious folks make a lot of noise, we have the police turn up at the door, demanding we turn it low, but when our local christians are moved to yank noisily n their bells, we all have to put up with it.
    Apologies for the digression there, I just went with the flow 🙂

    1. “Never explain, never apologise” — Admiral Lord Fisher

      I don’t mind too much when Christians yank their things, it seems a part of the trad Brit landscape.
      I don’t even mind the locals here, who lacking bells bellow a recording at bell-volume-plus every Sunday.
      I would however be most upset if I had to endure a blasted muezzin yodelling over the rooftops five times a day (hell, even once a year would be pushing his luck).

      Flow on, I love it!

      1. Thank you….be waned though, sometimes my flow becomes a rant and I stand here, shaking my fist angrily at the sky. 🙂

        I think I prefer the yanking Christians over the muezzin motif too…I shall endeavour to be more tolerant of my more religious fellow Brits 😀

      2. Tolerance is nice. We should tolerate more often. Was it the guy in the Bible who said “The snake you warm in your bosom will bite you”?

        Rant away, it’s good stuff …

  2. Damn I forgot to comment when I intended to as your post was fresh off the press and still warm and smelling of coffee in my e-mail in-tray. Like the photos, miss the beach, although I am close enough to throw a stone at [figuratively speaking of course, in reality I’m about a mile away]. I took a photo of the setting sun at the beach this evening after going birthday bowling with my kids [my daughter’s 10th B-day]… make of that what you will…

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