Weekly Photo Challenge : LAYERS





with my camera, and at last, finally, the Instruction Manual. “When all else fails,” they tell us, “Consult the blasted Manual!


takes better photos but has started getting attacks of hiccups. Sometimes. So The Spouse bought me the lovely Canon. Eek. Without mincing words, my first camera was a Brownie 127 point and click … all I ever had to worry about was whether there as (a) enough light, and (b) composition. We’ve progressed since then, especially the dark arts of photography.

If progress can be measured in thickness of Instruction Books we’ve come a very long way—the first commercially viable Boeing 747 Pilot’s Handling Notes were probably a fraction of my Camera Handling notes. Read and weep …

I’m lucky, I’ve always learned by ‘see and do’. So I’ll do and we’ll see … in the meantime here’s today’s thought on ‘Layers’—




—layers of sky, layers of clouds, layers of colours, layers of lighting … all in the one tiny package and for free. Enjoy~!


back to that blasted book. Don’t wait up, I may be quite some time yet …





8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : LAYERS

    1. Orange, red, gold … warm~! Right now the calendula are out in the garden and a challenge to snap (we have winds)(ever seen bees flying backwards?) … but I’ll be out there at any opportunity.

  1. Wonderful sky Argie, lovely shot. I quite enjoyed this week’s photo theme, did a lot of digital tweaking just because I could. Nothing however, beats a vibrant evening sky. I took one myself as the sun was heading your way early this evening. I shall have to post it.

    1. Thank you—it saddens me to think how many gorgeous dawns we sleep through and miss; and how many mediocre ones we catch.
      But sometimes, just sometimes, we are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time … even better, with a camera.

    1. Thank you~! We have weird conditions down here sometimes, which adds to the fun, and to the challenge. Can’t wait to see what we’re getting as the next challenge.

      (Loved your cat, by the way!)

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