And I always knew that one day it would—oh, me of little faith. (Hell, even The Sage is impressed.)


a wee photographic digression. I hereby confess publicly, humbly (you know: pseudo remorse laid on with a trowel)(hell, I’m a Leo. Leos just don’t ‘do’ humble, ’tain’t in our stars or our jeans) that I was wr—   wro—  … … … okay, okay, slightly mistaken.


manipulation of images as a form of cheating. But thanks to a gentle comment from Ishaiya I started fiddling a bit. Nothing fancy, just a few minor adjustments with iPhoto on the ol’ Mac.

a sea, just as it came from the camera ...
a sea, just as she came from the camera …


It’s addictive! One or two tweaks and I’m hooked already. iPhoto doesn’t have very much by way of bells and whistles but just enough to ding my gong. I imagine that Photoshop must be an absolute godsend to the creative. Been thereish …


I had almost the full range of Cokin filters and I stayed with the Olympus OM2N I bought when it was the state-of-the-art. I used it religiously right up until digital proved itself; the rest is, as they say, history. My beloved Olympus is now a dusty paperweight in my workshop, a mini monument to the transience of glory.


The Spouse and I watched a ‘Midsomer Murders‘ Dvd* —the one where the old school of film-photography buffs have a head-on clash with the New Age of digital louts. To my mind no contest; even though the ‘old school’ were portrayed as ‘gentleman’ (sort of) while the digitals are young thugs in leather jackets.

a sea, sharpened a touch and enhanced slightly
a sea, sharpened a touch and enhanced slightly


I’ve borrowed from the library a book on Photoshop Elements and shall put all other reading matter on hold while I explore. I have a feeling that next time Spouse is sneakily probing my desires (with the festive season in mind) I might be dropping a few blatant subtle hints.

a sea: as above but 'antiqued' just a little ...
a sea: as above but ‘antiqued’ just a little …

I guess that in the end the exercise of creativity isn’t really cheating, so why not use all the tools available to best present your artistic vision?


above, that introductory bit … yes, it has finally happened after all these years. It’s taken quite a while but finally, at last—

—I’ve worn out more socks than seabags~! (The Sage should have been so lucky …)



*  ‘A Picture of Innocence



16 thoughts on “IT’S HAPPENED~!

    1. Thank you! I can well imagine—the word ‘addictive’ could spring to mind (and hey, a sepia sea didn’t look too rough either …)

  1. Marvellous shots, fills me with a sense of adventure Argie. I can only but imagine that you were referring to me up there in your post, in which case you could have spelt my name correctly. Maybe you should just refer to me as M in future, falls off the tongue and the pseudo-pen with a lot less clutter. I’m pleased that you have embraced the iPhoto editing tools (it’s fun isn’t it?), even though as you quite rightly say that they are limited. But there are apps for all the other bells and whistles. I had a dream about you again last night, though this time you weren’t short female and Japanese, you were a much improved version, of very likely a probable self. Hope all is well with you my distinguished friend, I look forward to catching up with your posts.

    1. Ishaiya with an ‘I’ … eek! I keep doing that … old dog, new tricks … will rectify forthwith (or fifthwith if Spouse has her way, we have to scamper back into town again this morning).

      I give you nightmares? Cooooool …

    1. It’s internationalese for what we of Brit descent called a kitbag.

      Usually (okay, used to be—I imagine these days they have poncey little make-up suitcasey type of things).
      It was made of canvas with a twirley rope around the base to retain shape. (In WW2 movies you see sailors joining ships with all their worldly goods in a kitbag/seabag slung over one shoulder.)

      1. Trying to think back now … a sailor could cram his entire kit-and-caboodle into it.

        It would be stood on its rope base and everything would be rolled, folded, or pressed into minimalist space-taking then stacked/squashed in.
        The bag would take shape vertically while being filled until it stood about waist high and possibly about eighteen inches wide; a canvas (yellowy greenish) cylinder closed with a long stout metal hemisphere thing threaded through the eyelets and padlocked.

        Owner’s name and number were stamped on the side, the whole hoicked up onto the shoulder and there you have it—one matelot ready for transportation with everything he owns. (Tools of trade for those concerned carried separately in steel boxes).

      2. Yes, a duffle bag, or at least what i call a duffle bag, but i don’t get the part about you wearing out more socks than duffle bags. Surely a duffle bag would last nearly a lifetime, if not a few lifetimes.


      3. Hah! Sometimes I’m not to be taken literally — it’s a reference to an old nautical tradition where the salty old guy looks disparagingly at the young guy(s) and reminds them “Hey, kid—I know what I’m about … I’ve worn out more seabags than you have socks, and don’t you forget it!”

  2. Aw bless you, you did correct my name after all. Did I tell you I really do like your sea shots? I think I did, the sepia-tinged one is fantastic, very atmospheric. Now I need to check out your entry for this week’s photo challenge…

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