Weekly Photo Challenge : Let There Be Light




~you could see for miles!

USEFUL STUFF, Light. You can do so much with it—very handy too, for stopping you banging into lamp-posts when running down a dark street on a moonless night. Without it we’d all be blind as bats—actually, blinder; bats have their sonar. Clever things, bats. Dolphins too … but I digress, on with the show; and be warned, only one of these images has been tweaked. The rest are just as they came from the click-box—

Light in SBx'sSBx’s Invercargill, I was effectively the first customer. A brand new cellphone and all atwitch to challenge its on-board camera. (It did better than I expected, give the wee beast its due …)

Light from the SourceLight arriving from the ultimate source of all light. (A challengeable metaphysical statement: sue me … )

Nor the moon, by night ...Shooting the Great Night Light — I serendipitised a rose, which in any other light would not look as sweet …

Waipapa PointMaking light of a visual pun …

Yin and Yang“Awake! For the sun beyond you eastern height … ” etc etc. (Gemstone beach, earlyish wintery morning.)

Warfare luxI saw this as a metafor phor the battle of Light and Dark, Man versus Nature, (whatever) when passing one evening on my way from somewhere to elsewhere. At this scale the shot loses a lot of meaning, but what the heck …

Xmas lightsIt drives me batty that I’ve never been able to do justice to Christmas tree lights. I’ll keep trying … Xmas lights are something special~!

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 9.30.52 AMIf it weren’t for a wee bit of atmospherics this would have to be the ultimate ‘Light and dark’ in one image …

Dawn“Dreaming, while Dawn’s left hand was in the sky …”


your very own personal counter-challenge is to tell me which of these images is the tweaked one. I have a suspicion that unless collusion is involved you’ll get it wrong …


peering at screens—grab thy camera, get thee hence and get snapping — quickly, while the light lasts!





6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Let There Be Light

    1. An excellent choice~! I’d probably have picked it myself, and been mistaken too. Not the moon in all her silvery fuzzy glory …

  1. You tweaked the photo of the xmas lights right? Such shots are notoriously difficult to take, and never without a little enhancement in my book. Maybe I should just learn to use my camera properly ay Argie? Was that one woof for yes…? Ok, I’ll take the hint…

    1. The tree lights, and Chrissie lights in general all very warm and welcoming; to fiddle with the colour cast would be a sin. So not this one either …

      To paraphrase, “let he who is with greater skills cast the first bone …” sadly then it can’t be from moi.

      And your skills are as proper as anybody’s, I tells ya!

      1. Aw shucks Argie, you say the nicest things!
        Damn, I’m going to have to guess again. I was trying not to go for the obvious one, the picture of Dawn’s hand…

      2. Just as well you didn’t — that too was milk just as it came from the cow.

        Not many left (Thinks to self: should I be cruel and drag this out, or should I let slip that it was actually the second one in the series—the sky-shot?) (Naaaa … let ’em ponder a bit more~!)

        I just used iPhoto’s ‘enhance’ button and it deepened the blues a bit. Dawn was unbelievable that day; serendipity struck again.

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