Ya Gotta Be Careful



and thank heavens for feedback (and instant cancellation capability). Good ol’ Amazon! (No, this is not a spam).


is to cast asparagus upon the firm concerned—guys/guyettes I do not know and therefore cannot judge.Truth be known, my own naivete coupled with a degree of childlike innocence and poorly based assumptions led me to goof, luckily that ‘sweet wee cherub’ is still aloft …


that I like tweaking photos in iPhoto. I also think iPhoto may be a bit limited, so did some investigating and found that Photoshop Elements has more scope. To cut it short, I boiled my desires down to PE11 (not the latest, 12) and investigated the market. Here in NZ the cheapest I could buy a newbie in the box was (dollars ($) NZ) e-mail order $171. I visited Amazon and found a firm advertising at UK pounds 65 (which translated into NZ$ approx 135-ish) … a goodly saving (even if I do live in the “rest of the world”):


Screen shot


bought oodles from Amazon I know that books are cheap enough postage, and CDs and Dvds even cheaper—about three quid. And the software I wanted looked to be a simple boxed disc; par for the course.

Full ahead all engines, I ordered on that basis. Hit button ‘A’ = launch. Done.


nagging voice (no, not her, not this time … my own, inbuilt) started nagging. Voices are good like that and we ignore them at our peril. So I called up the ‘my accounts‘ thing of Amazon’s and got a report on my latest purchase, report came in—

Screen shot 2—followed by a loud explosive “Eek!” from moi; and a reflexive virtuoso display of button pushing skills and biting of lips. The Spouse would not have been amused, I tell you, if (even inadvertently) I’d lied to her about the cost. She has this ‘thing’ about the cost of postage these days, and thirty British pounds to send a disc in a box might have seemed a bit excessive. Some folks have no sense of humour …


immediately on request, followed in good order by an e-mail from Amazon advising that no charges had been made this time. However, my own personal ‘narked’ button had been pressed so I investigated further and the firm’s site threw up this gem—


Screen shot 3


—which serves to me as the word which to the wise should be sufficient.


but if I have a fault (never! We Leos do not have faults* ) it is my making of assumptions. I get caught out a lot despite being an ‘A’ grade card-carrying cynic. Even we cynics can be gullible … so, be warned—




—out there.



*  other than an excess of modesty and overload of humility. (But I’m working on that too, don’t wait up …)





9 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Be Careful

    1. I can look at that option, but think it would take forever.

      My (SFX: insert a loud snigger here please) ‘Broad Band’ is by radio link—where some folks have ultra-fast BB mine is Ultra slow.

      1. Super fast broadband has become a myth anyway due to high demand and equipment that was never meant to cope with it. I live in a residential area that has only had BB in the last couple four years, and to begin with it really did do what it said on the tin. But now it’s like the days of dial-up except without the electro-donkey noises.
        Just recently I updated my Mac operating system and that took hours. It’s ridiculous.

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