Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand




in this case of cultures; using artistic licence to blend photography, technology, literature, and romanticism. (Okay, I’m a closet romantic. Sue me~!)


always interpret the challenge and slant our interpretation to suit (justify?) ourselves. Naaaaah … but ‘Grand’ can mean so many things to different people. I choose for it to mean Grand — as in: Grand Old Lady Of The Lake.

Which is actually the popular unofficial title rightly given to the TSS Earnslaw of Lake Wakatipu (in New Zealand) fame. A somewhat elderly bucket of steamy bolts—but hey, she has real class and character (some of us qualify for neither)(some few have got it all—but modesty forbids …).

Earnslaw pulling out
Grand old Lady Earnslaw pulling out


always tell you more about Earnslaw but figure that if interested you’ll ask Uncle Google and he’d tell you. But here’s another GOL shot, a pity I didn’t get it in winter when the peaks were all dressed in white—

GOL moving out
GRAND Old Girl moving away

or perhaps in Autumn when leaves are red and gold, and the crispness of the very air itself intoxicates …

Grand Old Lady of The Lake, being grand
Grand Old Lady being herself at dusk


meanings to grand. One of my favourites refers to currency, another to size. Yet another to grandeur and pretensions thereto … which reminds me that in Invercargill there is what’s left of the ‘Grand Hotel’ — Field Marshal Montgomery once stayed there, it’s now a bedraggled flea-pit looking place used as overflow student accommodation for the Southern Institute of Technology. Not quite so grand these days—next time in town I’ll get a couple of shots and post ’em as an addendum to this Challenge.

In the meantime—





5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

  1. The old girl looks magnificent now that she has been digitally tweaked a little. I remember these photos from another incarnated post of yours some time back. You see, I have an eye for a pretty face…

  2. By the way, you’ve inspired me to get Photoshop for myself now, although I’m hoping it’ll magically appear in my Christmas stockings… oops too many s’s! Anyway, may the creative snapping and tweaking continue!

    1. Tweaked in iPhoto, just a wee ‘enhance’ (boosted colours a tad).

      I gave up on Photoshop for now after that firm (thru Amazon) wanted thirty pounds sterling for postage (over and above the cost of the package itself).
      Thirty quid seemed a bit excessive for sending a disc in a box (no manuals, even). Hell, a Dvd in its case is only about three pounds …

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