Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning




methinks, for a jaded philosophical outlook. As in—

how can there be a beginning without an end? No more so than an end without a beginning. Bummer. Easy way out of this one, just like that famous (long dead now, I fear) kitten in the ancient poster … “When you reach the end of your rope—tie a knot and hold on~!”

So pulling a few strings here I’m twisting the concepts. I don’t have a shot for ‘beginning’ but have just a few minutes ago taken one representing the entire gamut from alpha to zulu (or omega, for the more pedantic); and without further babble here ’tis—

the eternal stripper

—make of it what thou wilt.


for this thing: it’s a Mobius strip. Easy enough to make (even I can do it) (did too) and so simplistic as to be accepted on face value. But it represents a whole lot—and every point in it could be considered the beginning. So here in the one snap we have not one but… oodles … of beginnings.  And just as many endings; but wait, it gets even more worse—

—the clever thing that drives everyone nuts is that the above pictured ‘strip’ has only one face and only one edge. If you don’t believe me (few ever do, when I say something (anything) with a straight face) then make one for yourself and trace a felt-tipped pen around the face(s) or ‘edges’. All good clean fun and sure beat the snit out of watching rugby (I’d rather watch something more interesting, like paint drying or bubbles rising in a primeval swamp).


could be difficult, but to photograph Infinity—hell, even an old dog with muddy paws can do it. (Just did, you should try it—it’s fun!)






8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

    1. Madam, if you are going to keep on changing your name I’m going to have to keep on fishing you out of my de-spammer …

      Thanks for the nice words, and your new camera looks great too~!

      1. I had a feeling I might end up in the sin-bin, as I realised that I was under one of my many blogging hats not usual to your blog. But you found me, and I am eternally grateful.
        I’m still exploring my new camera’s potential, which appears to be quite extensive! I’m currently working through the manual as it looks a bit too complicated to merely guess at. It’s a cross-bread between an old fashioned SLR with manual controls combined with kick-ass digital technology and wonderfully high resolution. It doesn’t have a zoom feature, but who needs zoom when you can crop on the spot and still get a crystal clear image?
        Watch this space as they say!

      1. Have you just invented the ouroborous? (Hope I spelt that one right … mutter mutter mutter …)

  1. Nope, I think you did that quite happily by yourself 😉

    And you did spell Ouroboros correctly, funny you should mention it really as I was thinking about the very same thing today, after a fashion…

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