Blog-free Zone. Oh, really?




“So—ye’re giving up the blogging?”

I know that accent. The Sage dropping by doesn’t happen often these days. Oops, better answer—

“No. Yes. Not entirely—”

I shift my notebook and casually drop my hat over the top of my coffee. I can get away with it, everyone knows I’m an amiable eccentric. There’s already one goodly slurp missing, three of those tide rings are mine; the fourth, I note, is fresh and considerably larger. I also sense genuine puzzlement—

“Not entirely. Lad? Weaning off just a bit, are we? B’ain’t it best to go dry all at once and get it over with?”

There’s rum on his breath. Oh goody, he’s called round at home and found the crock. Bugger. I’d thought that by reusing an old hiding place I was being at least a wee bit clever.

“Not really, Son—I used that same ploy with me treasure once. Took ages to replenish it.”

We sit in companionable silence whilst I wonder how to explain; time not entirely wasted if the gentle slurping sounds coming from under my hate are anything to go by. I try, though.

“I love writing—”

“So did I lad, when I were young. Kept a full log I did—”

“—and I want to be published. I think I can serve a niche market—”

“So what be stopping ye, then? Y’re always scribbling in notebooks or pecking them letters on that board thing.”

(Pecking letters? Aaah, the computer. For a deceased seventeenth century pirate he has a very descriptive turn of phrase sometimes.)

“No publisher these days will look at any work by an unpublished author. Not unless it’s referred and recommended by a known agency—”


“So no agency will take on or represent an unknown author—not unless he’s been published before, preferably by one of the bigger houses.”

“Aaaah … I see—”

“And some of the biggest names of modern times were turned down many times when trying to break—”

“Then why not do what Franklin, Paine and others did? Their own presses—”

“I am! Modern equivalent but better. My computer connects me to the whole world. And without a real press, or ink, or pape—”

“I’ve seen that, Lad, reading over y’ shoulder … but don’t see how; ye’ll still have to get past the gatekeepers.”

“Self publishing.”

“Vanity, vanity, all is vani—”

“Not quite. There are folks who’ll publish any old rubbish for a fee and leave the marketing to the poor hapless author. Yuk—”

“The author who ends up with his cabin piled high with unsold works of great genius?”

“Not this way! No books involved, no presses, no inks, no pape—”

“So no point?”

“Eek! Yes, every point! Hear me out, please. The books get published out there on the web—”

“Spiders publish books now?”

“The electric web. Instant and worldwide. Books that can be uplifted by any connected computer out there—”

“That’ll drain y’ treasure most surely—”

“—and all for free!”

“So why bother, then? Ye blogging is the same, ain’t it? peoples anywhere can read it, for free—”

“Not quite. These are real books—”

“But ye just said—”

“—real books, but in electronic form. People buy them online and download them once the sale has gone through, the publisher takes a small cut from the selling price and the author pockets the rest. Less any tax, of course.”

“Aaaaaah …”

The final dramatic gurgle from under my hat startles nearby patrons, I do my best to pass it off as an unconvincing burp. I pitch my voice lower. It’s not easy to speak silently but I give it a try—

“So this is why I’ve cut right down on blogging. I’m keeping up with the ‘Photo Challenge of the Week’ and will keep on reading the few I’m ‘following’ but otherwise my computer will be used hopefully to get my creative works out there in front of people. And if lucky, even make a buck.”

I sense him beginning to fade away. It can’t be easy for someone who’s invisible to start with but he’s had lots of practise. I also get the feeling that he’s not all that convinced—but neither am I really, blogging’s a hard habit to break; but it’s worth the shot.  I hope …





7 thoughts on “Blog-free Zone. Oh, really?

  1. There comes a time when every writer feels it’s auspicious to prove their worth and get published, some how… but none of us worth out salt will ever know if we don’t at least try. You have both my admiration and support Sir, besides you’re a lovely friend 🙂

    1. Only a true fiend could love a face like this, and the grubby paws—oops: that was meant to be ‘friend’~!

      Dammit, having built this mountain I want some bugger to climb it … even if I have to chase them up, foaming at the mouth and raging at their heels …

  2. Trying hard to stay away but it ain’t easy. But I did leave myself an ‘out’ when I stated upfront that Dreaming Cavalier and Warm Fluffy Squirrels would stay afloat—DC for reporting Sage visits and WHS for photo challenge of the weekses.

    You’ve bought an e-reader, I’ve got a nice new Photoshop Elements—I’ll guarantee you’ll have mastered your reader before I’m even out of the gate with PE …

    An entire library in your jacket pocket, what more could an active mind ask? Boom-boom!

    1. Dirty? Nay, Sir, don’t think of it as being unfaithful to the written word—think of it as a giant leap to absorbing oodles more of ’em.

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