for no man. Woman. Thing …It also doesn’t exist. But for learned discourse on that topic seek elsewhere, all I can do is offer observations. You know, the old let others do all the thinking for me sort of thing. So here’s some observations I observated yesterday whilst experimenting with the portable camera.


as I was bimbling past a sundial I pondered its accuracy. A quick look and a quick check against my wristwatch had me impressed—a brief ponder made me realise that the time displayed wasn’t too far out (on my watch) and that failing an asteroid of dinosaur size clobbering the planet, that sundial should still be spot-on in millennia. My watch will be seconds out by the end of the month and in millenniums will doubtlessly have been spot-on several times (if the batteries hold out).


the sun dial, thus—

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 1.56.45 PM

(ever noticed how alone you are until you start practising eccentricities—and then the floodgates open and vast numbers of disbelieving gawkers amble by, shaking their heads and in some cases giving you a wide berth?) (Have I just fingered some hitherto unknown Law of Nature?)


same as the first, only different. Herewith a closer-up close up of the corrections table at the top of the sun dial—

corrections chart

and if the definition is adequate you’ll be able to see how breathtakingly accurate that sun dial actually is. Or how close to reality my watch is, given that I correct it from the USNO via internet every month without fail (if I remember).


who can’t see too clearly in my reduced images, the shadow falls pretty well almost onto the ‘forty’ minutes point, the current month is February, and my watch was reading 10:38:51.


I’m off outside to see if my paint has dried … these things take time, you know. Don’t wait up, just—







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