Not haiku




and all the same though (and some even have the requisite seasonal reference).


to change the operating system on my computer. I want an app from Mac but to work it when I get it I have to have the all-singing all-dancing OS 10 ‘Mavericks’. I’m still anchored in the past with OS 10 ‘Fluffy Kitten’ or whatever other silly name they gave it. So—


that I am a techno-phobic klutz (things electronic never flow smoothly for me) I’m anticipating Ragnarok when I try to download the Tall Dark Stranger; so if so I may be off-line for a while. Either way I’m so far in the past just learning to drive again will be a cumbersome curve. If my poor computer ever works again without nerd input …


I used to (long before haikus became as popular as they are today, and years before the web) write wee observations down in notebooks—especially over coffee—and I’d refer to them as ‘cameos’.


So in preparing for my computorial changeover (rebirth!) I’ve guessed that the new Operating System won’t support Appleworks. The system I use now does, and as I have a lot of valuable info in AW form I’ve been frantically copy-and-pasting oodles into Apple’s ‘Pages’ and turning others into pdfs.


So here’s a bunch of Cameos that I tripped over whilst wandering those long forgotten fields, completely as they were and have been for (in some instances) decades. I hope you enjoy—

—actually I didn’t realise I had so much of ’em. So I’ll split and post in batches, lest I alienate the Reader—

“C’mon, Inspiration, hit me!”
“… … … Two twos are four, etc”

The drought has broken
Hip hip hooray!
It’s raining wet water, now we can play —
Puddles to swim in
Puddles to splosh in
Puddles to play in, jump in and wash in!

Last days of summer, a new urgency in the chirping of the crickets; the first fat acorns scrunching underfoot.

Coming home to your favourite mousehole
Is extra ’specially nice
When your own little favourite mousehole
Is filled with your favourite mice!

Sudden downpour,
Cascades of water sweeping gutters clean of autumn leaves.

Tragedy – blocked drain, and street-wide flood; young mother with groceries and tugging child. Passing car and instant bath —
Love her! — She laughed.

Smell of hot chips on cool autumn breeze, sidewalk cappuccino and the disbelieving stares of rain-soaked huddled masses en passant.

Black clouds — skyborne behemoths pregnant with unborn floods of biblical proportions. We need you.

Peripheral vision at the sidewalk cafe; autumn leaf flutters down — and pecks at my doughnut.

Unexpected delights of al fresco coffee — does a gentleman use his fingers, to remove a leaf from his lady’s cappuccino?

Leaves swirl and scamper along the footpath — the flags lining the supermarket roof now little more than gallant tatters, self-shredding in the autumn winds. People hurrying across the road, a sudden shower — precursor of the winter yet to come?

Peace in activity — steady thrum of traffic, throb of diesel engines and high-pitched whine of impatient gears. Loud clop-clops of a heavy woman’s hoofs, clattering on the ever-tranquil bricks. A leaf on my table, stares restfully back at me as I stare at it.

—well now, a few had years but none had actual dates. A pity. Obviously autumn though, some of them (the clue is in that title—ye gods I’m sharp~!).

More soon: coming soon to your screen, Cat Cameos (and Dolphins too).





2 thoughts on “Not haiku

  1. The drought has broken
    Hip hip hooray!
    It’s raining wet water, now we can play —

    Our 8-week long blitz of unbearable heat and no rain ended on Saturday, praise Velles!

  2. There—all you had to do was pray properly~!

    I like it, you gave all the others a fair chance and only then invoked Wellies … good call.

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