Interpretively ABANDONED can mean


anything no longer desired, in use, discarded. Even forgotten. Forgive my broadside of images, the theme covers a lot of ground and my hungry camera gobbles all it finds relevant.

My own judgement? Naaaa — I’m just the sucker holding the box …


Peg's Cottage, Invercargill NZ
Peg’s Cottage, Invercargill NZ

This wee cutie (above) is on the main highway north out of town, just beyond city limits, and I believe it was once someone’s home in the early ‘settler’ days. The sheep love it in winter …


Theological condundrum
Theological condundrum

If a ‘House of God‘ has been desanctified and decommissioned—the Book closed, the bell rung and the candle dowsed … does this mean that God no longer lives there and has moved out?

But if He is omnipresent—doesn’t that mean He still lives there? A bit of a worry but I’m just the photo-man here, I leave such conundri to the experts.

Onwards and downwards—


King Of The Road
King Of The Road

Lacking a dog (and with a Spouse who things I’m loopy) I just take myself for walks these days. And the omnipresent camera of course—in the course of my travels bimbled across this abandoned gem leaning against the side of a shed yet still presenting a bright face …


ol' Daves coffee place—a mere facade of its former self
ol’ Dave’s coffee place—a mere facade of its former self

Tucked away behind other buildings and a car park, I retook this just yesterday and still managed to not capture the essence. The building remains extant but is well and truly shackled and will doubtlessly be demolished soon. Why, I have no idea, it (not counting this facade) certainly seems sound from the outside.


Poor ol' Bill

Possibly ahead of his time ol’ Bill’s signwriter/painter/chap managed by accident or design to allow bits of a freezer and dressing table to escape the ‘frame’. Good on him, I hope he got paid and not sacked—Southlanders can be (ok, are) uneblievably pedantic people. Be that as it may, the abandoned sign is on the wall of the old abandoned cinema; accessible only through a narrow alley which (once thronged during intermissions with hundreds of movie-goers gasping for the cigarette forbidden in NZ cinemas but universal almost everywhere else) is today being used as a car park/shortcut.



I like this theme and with wild abandonment shall keep my eye open for more abandonees. Watch this space …





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