Please forgive the




but I keep coming across these things littering the landscape—


This one is in Yarrow Street (NZ’s Invercargill) and is every bit as forlorn as it looks. Obviously abandoned for quite some time, judging by the tree growing between the brickwork and that wee politically correct ‘wheelchair access’ that replaced the designed entrance steps.


has moved out—it’s not His house any more, they de-holified it some time back … one very expensive brick storage heap now, I guess. Paid for by someone in the past with staring zealot-eyes and rattling collection socks; and I dare say that someone somewhere is still paying rates (land taxes) on the site.


I ask: is God still to be found inside a church even after He’s been officially moved out? I often wonder if any of the many brides and wedding-day accessories (aka grooms) who once tripped joyously down those very steps/ramp to the peals of bells and tootles of well-pulled organ stops … ever peer nostalgically at the wedding photos taken under showers of confetti or broadsides of rice in that doorway; or ever drive by with emotional lump in the throat?

So the ol’ vicar and padres and chaplains and stuff have moved out to greener fields and their building rots. But God is still busy, His programmes are running along in auto—that tree is now turning all autumnal exactly on cue (and the seagull still does its thing in the heavens above).


God has much in common with Tinkerbell? Do both require innocent child-like faith and adoration to maintain their presence?

Too deep a question for this ol’ dog to answer … you’ll have to work on it yourself:  would God exist without worshippers? (CLUE: the building still does …)





3 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Abandoned

  1. I think you should compile a series of these abandoned churches, perhaps in black and white. I think there’d also be a small market for the shots on one of those photo-logs (is that the right word?).

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I stick pretty much to routine but will post ’em as I happen over ’em. B & W sounds a good idea. I was up to the wee small hours this a.m. pulling in latest iPhoto, had just a quick look and don’t think I like it. So now I’ll add it to the pile and continue fighting my way through all the stuff I have to learn and relearn.

    MEMO to Apple:

    If it ain’t broke—don’t fix it.

  3. I can’t imagine anyone in his right mind actually planting a tree there (it totally obscures the upper balcony and viewing/addressing the masses platform behind it) so if people didn’t, God did.

    Perhaps it’s His little way of telling us that the building is now dispensable? After all, He’s famous for moving in mysterious ways …

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