to go for literal. But all the railways tracks I found reached bends before infinity, so the convergence was curvaceous and I never did find out if parallel lines meet. ‘Twas ever thus …


wee challenge for you:  what is it?

(A clue for the literal, nothing fishy about it at all.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 22.37.29

I was in Gore today with The Spouse and we allowed ourselves a genuine New Zealand doughnut. They are hard to find these days, almost as extinct as the genuine NZ burger which used to be made to a format infinitely superior to any American or British product I’ve ever found.

Like I’ve said before (often) superior quality cannot stand up against mass indoctrination and repeated propaganda. Anyway, what we were looking at in the snap above is simply the reflection of this thing, a Gore icon—

—which ties in nicely with the esoteric “As above, so below” (whatever that means). Perspective, you see—it all depends on how you look at things. Like the next snap, also taken in Gore. This ties in with last week’s ‘abandoned’ theme too.

Or not, only half of this old church is abandoned by the masses. It looks as if the sanctity is gone (even the wee crossey thing is missing from the peak of the steeple) and fallen into unloved disrepair whilst the other half has been renovated and now appears to be serving as a wee private home.


to see parts of His holey house being recycled for mundane purposes? Even if He is thrown out into the cold Himself? Or is some kind of embittered schadenfreudian envy invoked, does He sit silently in the ex-sacristy chewing His beard and muttering about the divine wrath to come?

SO WHAT do we think is His perspective on recycling, then? Don’t ask me—on the eve of the anniversary of the First World War I’m all atwitch to see what He might be planning for His fireworks to come. Being able to see the future (He should be—He scripted it before the Creation, don’t forget) is He getting in the popcorn and comfy cushions for the viewing?

Why worry … from His perspective all future is history anyway, just ties on an infinite railroad track fading into a vanishing point that isn’t. Yet.






  1. As ever lovely Argie you prod my thingie thing with a pointy stick and get it doing a little jig. Hope all is well in your ankle of the woods…

  2. Am a busy wee doggie right now, new operating system on the ol’ Mac, new Elements 11, books on everything and everything else on hold.

    Still trying to make sense of iAuthor (Mac’s self-publishing thing) and trying to find out any way of publishing online without having to sign up with the US government as a (voluntary! Hah!) tax payer. I want nothing (r) nothing to do with the US government. Ever.

    But will I one day have to put my head in their noose? Watch this space …

      1. I did. You’re a funny man. But I also agree with Argie, there’s nothing like a good bit of social theatre, as long as it isn’t taken as gospel truth 😉
        Besides, churches are great pieces of architecture to photograph.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. I adore cathedrals. Look up São Bento Monastery, its gorgeous. I used to call in there regularly on Thursday mornings when i lived in SP to listen to the Gregorian chants sung by the monks. Wonderful stuff.

      3. My own sense of awe on entering those kinds of spaces has with age far overshadowed any feelings of creepiness that might seep in from the fetid tidal undercurrents that pervade such buildings. It’s like Everest has seen much death as people have tried to climb it and failed, but it doesn’t make it any less impressive or beautiful.

    1. You don’t have to look far down here for them. But if they all close we’ll lose a nostalgic bit of theatre — and theatre is what it’s all about. The mistake is taking any part of it seriously …

      1. I’m not above bimbling in to the odd sacred establishment myself. I always call out “Anyone home?” first — so far the only answers have been cleaners and the like, which suits me fine.

        I think I’d present God with a wee intellectual/ethical challenge—dunno why, He’s had all eternity to prepare His answers …

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