Pie Day




just a brieffie, this week I’ve lost a lot of time fighting this computer. So on with the show …


advises us that a recent date was ‘Pi Day’. Three dot one four (must be American, the fourteenth of March is actually one four dot three in real English). Whatever. It’s a bit too late to take the analogy further as in 1916 being a finer resolution (but coming up soon to a planet near you, a replay). Brrrr.


(and please don’t ask me to find it) I wrote a brief tale of interplanetary travel wherein the good travellers were on their way to a nearby star and had to sleep in their cocoons for many millenniums. On-board automated thingies would awaken them when within cooee of their destination or in event of unforeseen necessity.

To keep itself amused the on-board computer(s) were set to happily calculating pi to ever finer resolutions. (The theory—demonstrable so far—is that Pi never ever ever works out whole.) So when the travellers were awakened they wondered why, until they discovered that after about some thirteen thousand years at umpty zillion calcs per second the Pi computer had suddenly  stopped. On a number …


to do some bits of catching up about the place, and revisit the Photo Challenge of the week. (I still think ‘whimsy’ would be a good one, and possibly ‘what’s left out’.)





3 thoughts on “Pie Day

  1. Not a sausage. I’ve sent a couple of e-mails but I guess the folks there are possibly snowed under—?

    It’s just about three months since she wished me a Happy Xmas—how much snow does it take to bury a photo-lab?

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