whilst out walking (ie while being a part of that Street Life).

I’m not all that tech-savvy. Now that I’ve updated my computer to Mac OS X.9.2 (the whimsically named ‘Mavericks’ … ) I hate it. Previously I had stuff that worked and worked well. Now I have things designed and intended to appeal to pea-brains with the attention span of a jelly doughnut. But say la vee and all that intellectual stuff: the price of progress. Apple please note: I’m not fashion, I’m not eye-candy, so I’m not progress—all I want is the incredibly brilliant Appleworks 6 back in all its glory, and please please please don’t let anyone ‘improve’ it if you do have a brainstorm and decide to reissue it.

So, in the course of clearing some of my frustrations with exercise by taking my camera for a nice brisk walk I happened across this on the street—

SkyTv Dish

—make of it what you will. And to help you make it of it, it is a shot of someone’s TV aerial as seen over the top of their woodpile. Or their neighbour’s woodpile, the precise legal title to several dismembered deceased trees is hardly relevant to my point (which is electronics).


(actually, often) told that radio waves (of which TV signals are composed) tend not to penetrate steel sheets but bounce off of them. In fact this is how radars work, and the modern ‘stealth’ ships have huge highly reflective slab-sides set at such an angle that (the theory is) incident beams are bounced up into the sky instead of back to source. I’ve often wondered what happens when the ship rolls and the angles change uncooperatively …

“Captain, Sir?”


“Radar shack reporting—that little fishing boat way off on the starb’d beam—

“You woke me up for that?”

“—ever since the storm set in, Sir, it keeps going all big and bright then all small again, in time with the mocean of the otion—“


… so I have to ask—although it’s not apparent from the photo that dish is set almost exactly upright. Which means it is aimed squarely at (into) that steel roof. Look at it again.

So the transmitting satellite is (I believe) floating somewhere waaaaay above Singapore. (CLUE: we’re standing almost due south as we admire the nice roof).

So the signals must either be penetrating that steel roof (twice~!) or tripping over the ridge of the summit and dribbling down to the dish. Don’t ask me to explain, but if you doubt it I can send no end of other roofs with dishes set much the same (our own is perched high on an eave, clear of encumbrances).


The Spouse is going downtown to do some photo-copying in the library. Leafs and acorns and things she’s collected (artist: they’re all mad) and the nonplussed librarians humour her rather than ask her to explain or try to tell her why it can’t be done (she’s done it often before anyway but they still don’t believe it).


being of noble nature am going to run her down in the car ‘cos she’s not feeling the best, and I’ll get some street-life shots while she’s in there swinging uppercuts. Don’t wait up …






5 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Street Life

  1. They’ve probably been wondering for a while now why they can’t get a blasted signal…
    Do you not have the heart to knock on their wee metal door and tell them Argie?

    In self defence I agree that all us artists are a little bit bonkers, but that’s why cranks and CTs like us. 😉

    1. Dammit, I’m married to an artist. I used to think that I was the loopy one … and there’s no way I’m allowed in her studio unless I have both hands in my pockets (sole exception: if I’m delivering a tea …)

  2. “…run her down…” could be taken to mean something else but as you seem to be very fond of your wife, I’ll assume it wasn’t that 🙂

    1. Eeeeek~!
      I said something ambiguous? Moi?
      Naaaaaahhhh … anyway, she’s nimble for her age. I wouldn’t have a chance in the first instance and would never get a second—she’s the one who cooks the mushroom omelettes … nice doggie …

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