for obvious reasons; as has been noted before the little buggers are all quackers. But like most of nature, ducks are totally innocent.

I like innocent …


I scored a duckshot I’ve been after for a long time. I wanted a snap of a duck swimming in the rain. A day or two back I finally got it, not the definitive howling typhoon type of lashing rain—more yer basic sprinkle, but hell, it’ll do—

a duck doing Bismarck impressions
a duck doing Bismarck impressions


—and having made a promise to post it, here ’tis (above).

I also delight in visual puns … the colour of the headline above (and the close below) is delightfully listed in WordPress as ‘teal’ …



for Maria, as promised:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.26.09


duk 3





9 thoughts on “PROMISES, PROMISES

      1. Hi Argie! I’ve been masquerading as my altered ego lately, on my photography blog. Been trawling through old snaps. I’ve had the intention of scanning in all my photos of my walk across Spain years ago so that I have them in my digital library, with the view to showing a few of them here on WP perhaps. But you know how these things are, you tack such jobs on to that ever growing list of ‘must do’ things that never quite get done.
        I didn’t think I had any duck shots, but I found a couple. I shall have to fish them out and post them on ‘Roving Bess’ for you. I’ll post a link when I’m done.
        You always gladden my heart lovely friend.

  1. That ‘ducks eating’ shot reminds me of one I took last week; I must add it to the above (your ducks are such gentlemen by comparison).

    Expect the arrival of your dusks within a few minutes …

  2. They are fabulous shots, thank you!
    It’s funny how I was convinced that I didn’t have any duck shots, not having remembered taking any in the last few years, but I surprise even myself sometimes. There they were pecking away at much grain, on the ground and from small hands that twitched excitedly with the gentle pinching of bills. It was a while ago mind, probably why the fog was thick along my memory banks.
    I was pleased with my cheese shot though, especially as I ate the pieces I’d cut shortly after, only realising at that point that I might have just spoiled the overall composition should I need to re-take it in the narrow window of time that I had given myself to take the shot, then post my little visual pun.
    Made me laugh anyway…

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