Late Addendum




am a bit tardy in my afterthoughts. But we had a foggy night and morning haze, too good to ignore. So while The Spouse was watching her favourite ‘chick-stuff’ I sneaked down town with tripod and camera—

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 16.04.05

—to where the rugby idio  gentlemen were still doing their big-hairy-mindless-oaf thing under floodlights. Keeps ’em off the streets, I suppose:  Mothers of Southland, your daughters are safe in the rugby season (even safer in duck-shooting season—which starts soon here—when they’ll actually be a lot safer on the streets (no way with some of these enthusiasts would I want to be anywhere near a duck) …


the mists lingered, so whilst The Spouse was happily chasing bunnies in her sleep I took up my trusty tripod and was snapping off-white walls of nothing when an apparition apparitted, strolled by, and faded in the distance. She too should have been in bed but obviously felt the need to keep fit, and I managed to catch her on film. Pixels. Thingies.. …


Someone else fills a heartfelt need. This shot came in with an e-mail, sadly I can’t give it a credit. If you read spooky stuff you’ll have tripped over the—


Ouroboros—an ancient symbol for Eternity; the snake swallowing its own tail. I used to irreverently wonder whether if she persisted to the inevitable ultimate … would she give herself indigestion??


time now for brekkie, then to see what the photo challenge of the week is this time ….







3 thoughts on “Late Addendum

  1. Hah! I dwelt in olde London before the Clean Air Act and other such stuffs. Now that was real air; air you could pack away in your pocket for later, air you could spread on your wodge of bread like marmite … you couldn’t, however, breathe it …

  2. Even I remember the stupendously thick fogs that used to roll in off the Thames when I was a kid, and the equally thick smell of the glue factories from up river that used to hang nauseatingly in the air with them. Now it’s just Saharan dust that clogs up the airways apparently.
    Marvellous shots Argie.
    Maybe the snake was a dog in a past life…?

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