strokes for different folks, depending on perspective (if you are Top Dog, life is wonderful. If you are slithering atop a slimy sludge-pile, not so good).


this wee guy is on top of the world. Just look at his feline face, this is one happy kitty—


—though I dare say the wee fishies don’t go much on it. And yes, it is a brooch, and yes—that dangling fish does wave about with movement.


lunch—do birds really care if they walk about in their dinner? Hah! In winter the white-eyes are happy to eat at all—

top bird?

—and with a greater sense of fair play than the average human, they took turns in the apple. Gave each other the pip, as it were. Moving on …

Make my day ...
Make my day …

I’ve posted the New Zealand fantail before. As always, no luck in catching the fan. Their tail opens up into a beautiful fan which gives them unbelievable manoeuverability on the wing—ain’t no mere bug gonna outfly these guys, I tell you~!

There I was, sneaking up on yet another sleeping toadstool when suddenly this fantail darted about me. So zippy I thought he were two of him at first. No time to adjust the camera or aim properly so I just kept trying to get on target and click when the sights crossed.

Several times I got on target (pure blind luck) and triggered but by the time it clicked he’d gone or defocussed himself. I ended up throwing out oodles of shots, one of which was an empty branch and another an empty patch of ground. They are fast.

Tame? I thought he was going to land on several times, my hand, my head, the camera, my shoulder; so close I could feel his proximity.


completely different. A feeling. I was at this computer this morning when my cellphone in another room pinged indicating an incoming text. I went through and there on the floor was a huge spider. But before I could call for The Spouse to bring the spider box, I saw (swift~!) it was actually a huge but very groggy bumble bee.

Bumbles are different. I put my hand down and when he (she? It?) couldn’t climb up I helped, then carried her outside and put him in a Mickeymouse daisy in full sunlight; to recharge. Spouse went out after a couple of minutes and got this shot and reported that “Bee is a lot more active already” and when I went out later the bee had flown—

The bee ...

—the feeling? It was Spouse at the other end of the house, said she had a feeling she should text me and lacking any other pretext sent me a ‘Happy Easter’ … Spouse loves bumbles too. Weird …

But for some reason it made me feel good. On Top of the world …







    1. Fit and well, Ma’am, thank ‘ee. Making the most of what I personally think is going to develop into a real cool winter …

      1. There is good, but sometimes—as when you’re up to your neck in crocodiles—it’s hard to see any of it. All I can offer is homilies and this tactic of my own: when really really down I try to do something. Anything.

        Any achievement at all, even if it’s nothing more than make the bed—a bit better than last time.
        Youngest kid’s hair needs brushing? Give her a few more strokes than last time, and admire the improved lustre. You did that—and she’ll feel the love, win/win.

        As best you can keep mobile, keep doing. Remember that ancient ruler’s ring, with the motto engraved to humble him when proud and lift him when down?

        This Too, Shall Pass

      2. Thank you for your kindness dearest lovely Argus. Everything passes, but what shall be list in the process, and what new gain will fill the vacuum, before that too is gone?

    1. Do you remember, from a long time ago—back when the Olympics were actually considered as sport? The motto from back then, which reshuffled just a little emerges as “It’s how you play the game that really counts” … with emphasis on the ‘how’.

      Not much help so take some advice from the literature: “Just one baby step at a time~!”

      And before you ask … Shrek. Good luck

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