weekly photo challenge: spring




you know … nuts & bolts, sugar & spice, sweet & sour, spring & —?

—autumn. You got it, yay! Moving on …


so your spring is our autumn. How nice the way they fall together—which makes the following contrasts all legal. I hope.

Esk StSPRING in Esk Street, a year or so back. Some parts of the world have lovely soft light—Scotland’s lighting is best described as ‘liquid’ … ours in Invercargill is the luminous equivalent of rocks. But sometimes even that works …

Esk St fall… and sometimes with the best will in the world, it don’t. In a week or three those trees, so part-of-the-woodwork in summer, will be just bare branches and shivering twigs. ‘Twas ever thus. Even the park, which looked like this just a few brief weeks ago——

park—is already  turning. Strolling lovers, snappy tourists, dogs exercising overweight owners, mothers with pushchairs and even (get this~!) a jogger in a motorised wheelchair will be replaced by only the needy taking essential shortcuts.

turning, turningI feel a pang of panic. Don’t get me wrong, I love all seasons, as does The Spouse. But winter should be one brief fall, one brief snowing, one frost only … and then back into birdsong and leaping lambs. Smoothly …

2nd verse“Where never lark, Nor even eagle flew”

same as the first

—so gather ye nuts while ye may. The gentle colours of spring and the warmer colours of autumn become, as it were, mere homes for bugs, and dinner too—

dinner up!And the scruffs amongst us please note, how Mother Nature dresses—even her most humble—for dinner, as in the matching ensembles below …

bug buffetI’d never seen an all black fun guy before and this season have found oodles of them … and now to finish with, a shot of a springtime lamb … (wait for it~!!!) … … springing.

lambieYou’ll have to take my word for it, he was sleeping on the job, I surprised him, he was sprung and he sprang. The camera caught him just before lift off—a VTOL sheeplet, whatever next?





3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: spring

      1. Can you believe we don’t have lamb here in Brazil? It’s shocking. It’s been over 10 years since i’ve had a chop! 😦

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