and simple is easy to accept as a single sound-bite. Predigested, no need to ponder or wonder or think.


At last some unhung genius has solved the problem that has been taxing some of the Establishment’s more educated (it means ‘best’, only with modesty) minds for years. For decades. Generations. Bugger it, centuries. Millennia …


Referring of course to those silly old ancient Egyptians and their pointy architectures. The Great Pyramid (that’s the big one attributed to Khufu) contains (we are told) some two and a bit million blocks, some of which weigh in the region of seventy tons plus and are  a couple of hundred feet up; but most of which have been averaged to about two and a half tons each.

And before you go getting all impressed, the pointy top (actually not a point—more yer basic flat bit) is over four hundred feet above the desert’s dusty face. At least it proves if nothing else that the ancient Egyptians weren’t prone to vertigo. How did they do it? Obvious—slaves. Millions of ’em, all beavering away 24/7 for a couple of decades.

floating rock


that’s what they kept telling us. Charlton Heston and his team made a few bucks presenting the idea too but they weren’t the first. It’s funny how the paradigm shifts, sometimes … so instead of slaves—what? Who, how, and when etc etc? But the question remained eternally answered, why … the why, we are told often enough by the good folks that know these things, was a tomb for the local God-King of the day.

So some ancient megalomaniac wanted an enduring nuclear-proof tomb to house the ol’ carcass for eternity. Makes good sense I suppose. Even though there’s no sign of there ever having been a bod in that box … oops, digression. Back to our quote:

The question of just how an ancient civilization—without the help of modern technology—moved the 2.5 ton stones that made up their famed pyramids has long plagued Egyptologists and mechanical engineers alike. But now, a team from the University of Amsterdam believes they’ve figured it out, even though the solution was staring them in the face all along …

read more: the link


to save you having to go there: I read much the same thing somewhere else recently. Words to the effect (complete with an ancient Egyptian illustration) that the ancients pretty well told us how they did it but I guess we weren’t listening—until a couple of modern eggheads got together and decided that it had to by popping those blocks onto a sled, yoking a few hundred volunteers and getting some turkey sitting on the sled to pour water down in front. Just like in that ancient illustration, in fact. Voila, and bingo—instant halving of the load and a two decimal five ton block becomes a bag of feathers. Effectively the first track-laying vehicles in history, sort of. Good clean fun …


did they move some of the slightly heavier blocks? The blocks in the King’s Chamber vary from not too much to over seventy tons.

a wee building-block

Okaaaaay … for seventy tons we add a few more slave power to the traces (hauling lines) out front and have not one, but two chaps pouring water. Fair enough, solved. But then nagging doubts …


the two hundred ton blocks scattered blithely about the ancient world with such rapturous abandonment were moved? And then we trip over the four-hundred ton blocks of Baalbeck: easy-peasey, just toss a few more slaves on the traces and add another couple of bods pouring the water. it’s all a numbers game, I guess.

BUT I LOVE a wee work in progress

to look at the ‘Stone of the Pregnant Woman’ and I get a cheap thrill from vicariously clambering over the Unfinished Obelisk; and I end up blowing a fuse trying to calculate how many chaps they’d need on traces and/or pouring the water in front for that wee bugger (which seems to be guesstimated at a little over one thousand one hundred tons.


just a week or so back someone was trying to convince me that in Russia recently ‘they’ have discovered ancient walls with wee shaped/fitted blocks calculated at over three thousand tons. Awwwww, come on~!

A joke’s a joke but you can take things a little too far …. No wonder poor ol’ Doc Hawass keeps having conniptions, everyone’s frantically trying to denigrate hi   the ancient Egyptians’ glory. I think he thinks that if someone proves it wasn’t his good people that did all these clever things then his folks will lose possession thereof. I don’t see how, or why—I also don’t see how the people from back then would relate to ol’ Doc H anyway—other than a geographical accident of birth they’d have nothing (r) nothing in common.


let’s keep things simple. For now …





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