Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move





aka variants on the theme. To open, a shot of a wee hedgehog. You’ve seen him before from a different angle—but he shouldn’t have been out during the day, as unconcerned as he undoubtedly was (wee fellow survived the traffic).

hodgie widgie

He at least was on the move. The guy below … is a tuatara. As far as you can ever observe he moves only in time, although when the occasion calls for it you don’t see them move:  so very fast~! (We are told they are the last of the dinosaurs and haven’t changed a great deal in a hundred and umpty million years. I believe it, he didn’t change at all in the whole time I stood watching …)



Something completely different, Einstein’s stick—

Einstein's stick

—given that all movement is relative, is the stick moving through the water or the water moving around the stick; or the whole lot moving through time and space? Your call … but moving, “on the move”, yes indeedy.


water on the move, here’s a shot of what was described in the movie “Muppet Treasure Island” as ‘the big blue wet thing’.

And don’t knock the great Billy Connolly—he’s the only dude ever to die in a Muppet movie … a singular honour for ol’ Billy Bones.

I took the shot from the seacat deck looking down and aft, I missed the waves actually breaking over the stern but by varying the reference planes … oh bugger it, just enjoy the blasted snap. We did, walking on walls below deck is fun—you learn when to simply stop walking, what to grab and when to hang on. And no photograph (a static image) can ever capture the very real forces at work on you, making the simplest acts into a freebie ‘adventure playground’ experience.


different. You’ve seen waters in motion, here’s a shot of air in motion. You cannot of course see the air but you can see the effects of its being ‘on the move’.


This is a snippet from a shot of a bunch of trees lining the road I was walking/fighting my way along once, doing the keep-fit thing. It was fun but I cut the walk short … grateful for the sunglasses I was wearing, ‘cos I kept hearing gravel and stuff ratting against them.

The snap hasn’t captured it, but hell—even the air itself stung~!


it can’t be done. Like hell it can’t—The Spouse caught it on pixels as it actually happened—herewith her miracle of snaptology—

dining in for taking out

The humble Bumble

Bee, he be

He be a

Humble Bumble Bee

—and we were told that the BB can’t fly. Something to with the size of the wings in relation to the mass of the body and such stuff. Then some genius said that they can fly, after all, even though it’s impossible. They advanced the theory that the BB used spasti   static electricity for levitation while the wings provide aerodynamic manoeuverability.

Whatever—I just love ’em ‘cos they’re soft and fluffy and actually quite friendly. As for whether they can fly or not, I don’t get involved in scientifical discussions …


where would we be without a duck? It’s open season on ducks here in NZ right now so every hero with a gun is out there complete with camo gear, painted face, decoys and the whole would-be soldier bit. Playing bang-bangs and no-one gets hurt except the occasional few tens of thousands of ducks—

Duck it ...

—here’s one I shot myself in Queens Park in Invercargill. For whatever reason the duck ponds become very very crowded during duck season, M’ere Nature moves in mysterious ways sometimes. And yes, that duck was actually moving so she’s all legal for this post …





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