by someone else’s excellent work and want to add your own penn’orth to the conversation.

This time it was a shot of a stick insect. Straight away it made me think of the New Zealand stick insect I’d snapped about fifteen years ago, through glass when living in Helensville. I thought I’d have a major problem finding that shot but lucked onto it within seconds, so here ’tis—

A stickie bug—at that same place I also got a snap of a praying mantis; and accepting a personal challenge will see how long it takes to find (I don’t label, name, number or otherwise classify my snaps except very very rarely—finding one again is often pure serendipity) (or strenuous unrelenting remorseless effort).

devout mantis, being so

Hah! Gott’im in just over thirty seconds. Serendipity rules, tonight …


can be a lot of fun and one can learn a whole heap. Especially I love seeing other folks’ photographs and I really enjoy joining the conversation; it’s interesting to see how people in other climes meet their own challenges. Tonight’s bug hunt was inspired by a Filipina site with some original takes—

—and long may she roam.


I’m off to have a look at changing my WordPress ‘theme’. Again (apparently a moving target is harder to hit). Don’t wait up …





11 thoughts on “DON’T LET IT BUG YOU

  1. wow. I felt honored… hehe :). It feels great that I was able to inspire you and made you go look over your old files. 🙂 Nice stick insect. It’s unusual for me to see them hanging in the glass. I think your green friends were calling you out.
    Thanks again.

    1. There were others in the bush, from memory like grey twigs but sadly I never got to photograph them. Glad you like it~!

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