Weekly Photo Challenge: ROOM



is evocative, no? It evokes. ‘Nuff said, go look it up if you don’t know that it means to bring to mind, to recall, or to trigger mental responses; I’ll wait … in the meantime,coffee and sandwiches ready to hand? Gooood …QP 1Queens Park in Invercargill has room. Room to do your own thing without intruding—which is why I used telephoto, so’s not to make that wee doggie uncomfortable.

The park is also a great place with plenty of room for the whole family to sunbathe—

QP 2or maybe even for a girl to be alone with herself …

Melinda, Valkyrie Top Class(the above is my first ever Photoshop, don’t knock it … to be a cover illustration for a book I’m working on.) (Still.)


Even in Queens Park—

QP 'rooms—there’s not mush room. For a bunch of fun guys it can get crowded at times. Having someone’s umbrella shoved up your nose could sting a bit, but it’s nothing compared to loss of dignity when being taken for granted is par for the course by the local monarch of all he surveys … hah! Just whip my head back, open my jaws

sealed with a kiss, my footNot to duck the issue, but just take a gander at this guy enjoying all the room the pond can spare. It’s open season here right now so the ducks congregate where they hope to be safe. But this one found some room …



but I love the town’s old water tower. I also love that Southlanders—and for all I know, New Zealanders in general—don’t know the basics of grammer or speling and so this lovely building has been declared officially (!) “earthquake prone”. In fact, the whole of New Zealand is earthquake prone, but not in the sense the incognoscenti yet pretentious (comme moi) use the words. Terms. Expressions. Whatever.


In vain I write to the editor suggesting that to advertise our crumbling infrastructure as ‘prone’ is not good, it’s actually double-plus ungood by way of encouraging tourists but no-one listens. So be advised, if you come to our town we are earthquake prone (don’t check the records, I can’t be bothered, but I don’t remember any shakes down here that toppled buildings, uprooted trees, caused tsunamis or spilled beer.

The tower was host to a competition recently, wherein a lucky couple got to spend the night alone together in a temporary wee nest at the top to be served breakfast by the Mayor himself. I think the publicity people were hoping for a nubile nymphet and a young stud, instead the folks they got were well padded with years … but Mayor Tim kept a brave face.

Can’t happen now, though, the building is earthquake prone. Bummer, I was hoping …

Still, there’s always room for hope.





4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: ROOM

    1. They (Americans) say that puns are the lowest form of humour, but traditional English humour used to rely on them a lot—and they’d never be flagged up.

      I love them myself … and I adore mushies. Sadly kids kick ’em over—they don’t realise that you can’t kill a mushroom just by kicking it over. Long live the fun guys, I say!

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