weekly photo challenge: between


Perhaps …

between banksTry this improbable shot of a reflection in water. Between two banks, as it were —you know, shorelines.

As for the unworldly, The Spouse bought the wee statuette (further down) for me as a gift a while back. Queen of the Witches the guff says. It has one of the many ‘prides of places’ on my over-populated desk along with some old weaponry and brassy bits left over from my youth; nowadays I abhor violence and have never heard of a ‘witch’ hurting anybody. Besides which she appeals to my appreciation of the feminine form (so sue me). A symbol of ‘between two worlds’, if you’ll go with that particular flow …

Maybe this week’s theme might also accept ‘between two seasons‘?

We have a tree here called the Kowhai. When I was a kid the word was pronounced ko-why but there’s a new wave of Political Correctness sweeping the land and woe betide any poor turkey reading the English (Maoris had no writing) transliterations phonetically. Today the word has to be said ‘ko-fai’ … and so it should. I’m all for proper pronunciation … but why did the early missionaries (the only guys with any real education) spell the Maori words incorrectly, all of them? ‘Tis a question beyond the ken of we mere mortals.

Oh, yes, that witchy thing I promised you, here she be—

Ariana, QoWs

There’s something pagan about that wee lassie that appeals to me. Long may it last~!

Our next is two stages of the poppy, here a flower between predecessors—in the full bloom of life as it were, contemplating those who’ve gone before.

Look long and hard at this metaphor, it being the centennial year of the beginning of The War To End All Wars—you’ll see a lot more of these little buggers one way or another; all of them wrapped in self-righteous impotent tears.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 7.56.25

AND BEFORE I forget, here’s your kowhai. Kofai. Kofeye. Whatever. Fotever … a wee yellow bloom. In Scotland once I stopped to peer at some yellow flowers hanging from a tree, thinking about the vague resemblance to the familiar kowhai, and every Scot that went past stopped to warn me gravely that “Those are laburnum, and they’re poisonous~!”. In the end I had to move on, it was a crowded path and I was obviously making the natives nervous. It occurred to me that anyone that considerate of a total stranger has to be nice …

Kowhai And if we are to revisit an earlier ‘between’, here be another take on that theme for you. I knew exactly what I wanted but do you think I could find the right blasted puddle to give me the desired effect?

I AM ALSO ANTICIPATING the weekly challenge one day being themed “Impossible” but all I could get was improbable, and I had to resort to trickery to get even that. Stupid puddles … I have a few other snaps stashed for when ‘whimsy’ comes up but it may take a while yet (if it’s not already been done). puddlerSo what exactly is so improbable about these two shots? Well might you ask.

The reflection snaps may hurt the eyes a wee bit but that’s what happens when you know what you want, can’t get it, and the wind comes up every time you pull the camera out. I think the gods have it in for old dogs with cameras …

I ALSO HAVE some butterflies and wet roses but this post is quite long enough already: you deserve a Gold Star for getting this far.


It being an auspicious date (winter solstice) I’m trying to post (free~!) on the web my Valkyrie book, free, for anyone who wants a free rollicking tale of Valkyries, gods, hopeless quests, imperial ambitions, love, hate, despair, jealousy, lust, sex, debauchery, ambition, long skinny things, and rabid monsters. (Did I mention that there’s no charge, it will be entirely free for the downloading?)

Once successfully (!) uploaded I’ll make the details available and you may freely help yourself at no cost. (And no, that’s not my real name on the cover …)




5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: between

  1. What a pleasure you are to wake up to Argie! Your posts always start me off with a smile and a spring in my belly [all else is defunct before three in the afternoon…]. I really like your reflection shot, and of course now you’ve got me to wondering what I should post for this week’s challenge myself. The only thing that springs to mind is a sandwhich, not on account of having that spring in my belly, but on account of it being a portrayal of something in between. I know, a little cheesy and corny perhaps [interesting combination for a sandwhich I suppose]. I shall scour the deep recesses of my brain and see what I can come up with… nope, nothing. I’m guessing it’s not very deep and scoury today.

    Also, yes please to your book dearest lovely friend. Did I ever tell you that I have spent the last 30 years of my life researching and being interested in Norse mythology? So I think your story book might be right up my tree. I look forward to your upload with bated anticipation. It’s just too early to talk about breath and breathing right now. But hey ho, I’ll wake up soon enough.

    1. A soup sandwich always makes a dam’ fine brekkie~!

      Now you’ve made me nervous. Oops, I’d better get on with it. It seems I have to rereregister with iApples assorted and jump through yet more hoops—could be a problem as I don’t remember what I called myself last time(s) …

      1. Not a simple matter at all. There’s so much that they take for granted and as always instructions are written for folks that don’t need them.

        However, I think I’ve finally succeeded in getting it away; still have to wait a couple of days for it to appear. One very frustrating experience, I tell you. (I might post on it at a later date …)

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