a quickie (I hope—busy busy busy).


I was yesterday tripping along a ratty part of Dee Street with a song in my heart and cheering tweet on my chilled lips when I was assaulted by the most glorious of smells. It leapt out of a very manky old alleyway that’s been there maintenance-free for possibly a hundred years and more, grabbed me firmly by the snout and dragged me over—


—and being the eagle-eyed sort I quickly sourced the heaven-scent as coming from that vibrating racketating contraption on the right, obviously the discharge vents for the kitchens of the Canton Chownese restaurant. Odysseus never showed more won’t-power with his sirens than I in passing along … and he was tied to the mast, all I had was a portable hot coffee from Global Bytes cafe. No contest, really. Dumb sirens.


I’d taken the one above (and yet another of the posters-graffiti of ages just above the doorway on your left there); to town where there once had been an equally ancient and equally manky alleyway—


—which is now as above. This snap simply doesn’t do it justice—it is alive and vital, vibrating with feminine alertness and scentsations. At the time of transition it went from stinking alleyway filled with refuse, bins, papers, puddles from last night’s revellers and gods alone know what else … via being a photographic dealer’s … to this!


but I’m not asking anyone to think. Just enjoy the differences—and no, I wasn’t at risk of having my camera stuffed up my nose by that perceptive brunette on the right there; I was using telephoto from across the street where I was pretending to photograph a huge polished granite ball covered in raindrops … heck with it, here’s your ball—

ret wock

enterpising graffiti—which (if I had to justify it) provides a contrast twixt the hard round rock and the soft fluffy waterballs.

A pity about the sticker that someone stuck there despite the posters everywhere saying “People sticking stickers will be prosecuted“. Poor ol’ Council can’t win ’em all; despite trying for a long time.


is slowing down so the Council is going to reanimate it by ploughing up the only street (Esk Street) with any modern appeal and revamping it at a cost of millions.

Will it work? At a great cost in money, time, effort, business and human endurance … I’ll say not (oops, lacks emphasis, please forgive my shouting) … NOT~!!!


above is of course the poster collection on that side-lined alleyway. The whole of that street went from being the business heart to a mere footpath and carriageway twixt car-parks when the tram died and people became independently mobile. Business follows people, not the other way round; and currently people are following businesses (no contrast in those statements) in that the Council having deliberately shot any hope of a proper commercial ‘mall’ to death, a modern business (The Warehouse) (“Where Everyone Get’s A Bargain“) opened its new Superstore on a ratty piece of land half a mile away—and sucked the trade right out of the Council’s ultra-modern all-singing all-dancing very expensive pedestrian (almost) unidirectional single-lane traffic only would-be boulevard … the very one they are currently ‘updating’ at great expense (to lure customers back to their earlier efforts)(which are now deemed inadequate).


‘Cos I’m just a silly old poop (with a camera) making social comments I’m not qualified to make. Just don’t worree, be happee … and





5 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Contrast

    1. Thank you. It was either burn out the light (more manky old buildings beyond) or get the textures and feel — and (as you’ve noticed, again I thank you) there is indeed ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

  1. I like shouting into a good alley-way me. I like the ‘selfie’ too Arge. At least in height you are exactly as you were when I met you in that dream I had some months back. I’ve missed ya my lovely friend. What happened to the uploading of the book, or have I not been paying attention?

    1. I tried but got a ‘ticket’ telling me to make some corrections—I had the title in all caps, a no-no. Couldn’t be done … and then when I was filling in the form I’d entered only a forename instead of both; but no way (r) no way could I get their systems to allow me to make that correction either.

      So I reposted the entire thing, instead of under the original punchy title ‘Ragnarok or Bust’ it’s now as ‘Kismet Nil Desperandum’ … which was accepted ‘cos this time I must’ve done it all correctly.

      The feedback says ‘published’ but I still have no idea how to find it on the web so I can’t post the URL or anything. Working on it …

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