WEEKLY Photo Challenge: Texture


good a challenge not to fill to the fullest. Hence be ye warned, this may well be a long cruise—

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.03.23

I happened across these puff balls when chasing mushrooms through the long grass. There’s something so delightfully disgustipating about them I just had to get the shot (thank heavens for bean bags~!).


contrast the feather below was afloat on a wee narrow breezy puddle, and straddle it how I might the damned thing kept filling its sails and scampering off. Even when still it wasn’t, so I chased it shooting heaps and this fuzzy shot is the best of the bunch—

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 17.45.21

—afloat and unwet. I should have been so lucky, sometimes. Texture? Fevvas got it in spades, I tell ya~!


a little more solid, then brick walls are hard to beat. What I especially like is when you get to combine two challenges in one; this week’s ‘texture’ and a wee while back’s ‘perspective’ (I’m still waiting for ‘nails’ … it has to come~?). And now (Tah-daaaah!) your lovely warm bricks—

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 17.54.08

—which wall, even if you can’t tell from here, was liberally sprinkled with fine upstanding nails. Albeit a bit old and rusty, some of ’em. Ancient, in fact—you fancy antique? Try this baby visited last summer—

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.28.33

—and on the subject of antiquitous texture, this shot below will be  hard to beat—

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.53.10

—being something I found on Gemstone Beach at Orepuke. Only a few millimetres thick it’s actually more robust than it looks and is the track of an ancient sea-squelch or whatever that slithered across/through those grains some millions of years ago. This next closer up shot gives finer detail of the texture (and the whole chunk is actually quite hard and very well bonded despite all appearances)—

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.49.55

— it both boggles my mind and makes me even more humble when I consider the implications. Brrrr~!


although I have oodles more. (Hah, you just wait till you see the world’s cutest wee wild mouse … coming soon to a post near you.)





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