was yet another brilliant spring effort and we had to go to town anyway. While there we took time out to cut through the park and toddle to Windsor (any excuse) and when there The Spouse and I went into the stationery shop.

NZ’s best Lotto selling shop, they reckon.

Could even be, but they have a thingy there that puffs out perfumed fumes every too often. (Actually most of the shops in Southland do, I think a truly Top Gun sales berk came through and made a killing—I sincerely hope that he, she, or it spends eternity in a wee box with Ol’ Nick puffing the product in through a tube at least twenty times a minute.) (I know. Vindictive. Sue me …)


out with an attack of instant headache my eye was caught yet again by the sparkling pavements. The footpaths here (as in many parts of Invercargill, actually) are a mix of yer-usual-tarmac stuff and broken glass.

But before you gasp in horror and think of punctured tyres or maimed infants, it’s not like that at all. Somehow in the process the glass is de-dangeroused and rendered harmless. But still it sparkles, and I’ve never been able to do that sparkle any justice with my camera. So here’s the latest try, on leaving that shop—

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 17.26.14

—and I got lovely smiles from the two damsels en passant but they weren’t my subject. I wanted glass~!

So while they cheerily continued their Dialogue into the distance I tried again—

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 17.31.14

—and this time got a little closer. Redemption (of a sort). Dammit, back in the good(?) old days (remember film?) with my OM2n I used to use a starburst filter sometimes. The only filter I use now is a polariser, and I forgot to bring it. Dumb dog …


from last summer. A young Mum and her infant, for all I know discussing the shocking price of secondhand weevils on the open market these days; but there they were enjoying the sun and I was quite taken by the body language. And her delicate grip on the bottle …

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 19.31.24

—which suggests a fine upbringing for the child if Mum can transfer her touch.

In the meantime we know that the kiddy is safe on the footpaths and could reach a ripe old age by staying out of the shops.

Either that or ask for a gas mask for Christmas … which will need dialogue with ol’ Santa first; better to use Mum as an intermediary, Kiddo …






4 thoughts on “WPC—DIALOGUE

  1. Pretty, starry glass fragments. I’m sure they could tell a story or two. Nicely captured.
    The streets around these parts are fairly deserted too most of the time. Don’t mean there aren’t dodgy folk about who go scattering glass along the streets, plenty of them oddly enough. That just about sums up quite a large of the population if I think about it. Seaside towns [sucks air through teeth]…and it’s much the same wherever I’ve been in the world.

  2. Thank you … I still think a case could be made for doing motorways with the mix and often wonder why they don’t—sure, oodles of sparkle but hardly dazzle. As for seaside larrikins, we have them too. I think they should be apprehended and when proven guilty made to sweep all the streets whilst wearing pretty pink dresses …

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