WPC: Enduring

they tell us that


of Giza endures and has done for thousands of years.

Within that pile of old rocks lies evidence of extreme sophistication—accurate alignments, great precision, conundrums and almost total anonymity. Be that as it may, the interior stuff patiently endured sight unseen for a very long time. And then some treasure hungry turkey invaded the place destructively and in so doing revealed to the world that which endured for … oodles of years. So:


that stuff can endure, even if unseen and forgotten? Why not, indeed—the precedents are set all over the world. So, let us flash forward to the other side of the coin at the other end of the planet; take thee a gander at this wee pile of bricks—

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.37.37

—which I may have shown you before. It was ‘discovered’ having lain dormant, unseen and unloved for decades when H&J’s in Invercargill recently trashed a redundant building.


a building in the commercial heart of town unless you are going to have a more magnificent erection?

And so it goes—

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 21.08.52

—with teams of stout-hearted chaps running around for weeks, months even, with hammers and chisels much like their pyramid brethren of thousands of years ago. I dare say that even with their laser levels and heavy lift long reach cranes, their radios and tea breaks, they won’t achieve any more accuracy in alignments—but that old mural is being as effectively removed from sight as the interiors of various chambers in the GP of G—

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 21.09.53

—and this is how it looks today. Still not open for business but they’re working on it.

How long this incarnation will endure is anyone’s guess but I’ll guarantee that long after it has crumbled into dust the Great Pyramid will still be enduring on the plateau of Giza. Here in NZ a generation or two of infants is coming on stream here that will never see the mural (which will be anonymously enduring out of sight, out of mind).


was ever “Does a falling tree in a forest make any noise if no-one is there to hear it?” … to which I must add a rider: “Is a commercial work of art a work of art if no-one is able to appreciate it? — and I leave it to the more savvy to answer.

Can unseen and forgotten artwork endure as ‘art’?


Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 21.11.13

for anyone who likes freebies, here’s a shot from yesterday in town. (I call it a ‘freebie’ because you get two for the price of one.) I saw it when I was taking a shortcut between coffees. I’d not long since been in the park where I was delighted to see whole squadrons (nay, whole fleets) of brand new mint condition baby ducklings out on the wee lake. Pond. Duck place. I took oodles of snaps and in so doing discovered that ducklets are every bit as energetic as the blasted tuis. Even limited to just two dimensions of travel they can be challenging little buggers—but some may not live long if they don’t develop a healthy caution, a couple left the semi-security of the pond and clambered over rocks to almost clamber over my disbelieving but delighted feet. (The images were too blurry in most instances to use here, ducklets come with built-in out-of-focus … I never knew that. Watch this space, I may just be able to tidy them up a bit.)


What endures—iron and concrete, or drifting blossom petals?

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 21.12.18


I put my money on the petals …

AND NOW for another coffee. Coffee too endures, thank all the gods. And no, I don’t eat ducks …





2 thoughts on “WPC: Enduring

  1. Very nice shots Argie. How lovely that you were trampled by tiny ducklet feet. I particularly like the iron, concrete and petals shot, very nicely composed. Lovely tones too.
    It’s a shame about the mural though, especially as what’s replaced it isn’t as charming. Makes you wonder what the GP of G replaced? Guaranteed there was something there before it, quite often the case. Much like the store in question above. Nothing like piddling on one’s own doorstep as a defiant gesture in the face of the old and outmoded.

  2. From reading the site of the GP of G was levelled before construction, although possible that something may have been incorporated. Amazing how the visible bits are near perfect but the main construction is apparently almost (large scale rubble).

    I read somewhere just yesterday that the unofficial ‘samples’ taken by those two German guys—which if objectively analysed would have laid to rest a whole lot of conjectures—are being returned forthwith to Egypt. Unanalysed of course—?

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