WPC: Nighttime




If challenged to define ‘night’ I’d have to opt for all of the temporal substance that fills the gap between dusk and dawn.

Asked to define dusk I’d admit to it being that indefinable period between sunset and early night, but I’d be sweating—

Could be HMAS Paramatta, sunset somewhere
Could be HMAS Paramatta, sunset somewhere

Dawn, though, is easier; she’s the cheery popsie who starts the day (and that’s the end of it). So, back to nighttime … here’s a nice sharp frosting night for all you keen rugby players (admit it, on a night like this you’d have to be keen) (or bloody loopy)—

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 21.26.53

—or if interested in an out-of focus-world by night shot be warned, you’d be wrong; the shot was perfectly focussed, it’s actually the night that’s all fuzzy …

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 21.23.55

—and yet, less than an hour later and only a hundred yards away, minding its own business and peacefully passing the night, this—

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 23.49.49

—fished out and dusted off every year on ANZAC Day, and stuffed to the gunnels with ursine toys on Teddy Bear Picnic days. Lonely, but not as lonely as daytime-busy streets by night—

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 21.28.41

—but there’s something absolutely magical about the golden glow from these streetlights, especially if you are south of a couple of rums or whiskeys. Staggering on—

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 21.29.57

—if the rum wins you’ll find yourself well able to look at the above celestial lantern without having to crane your neck (handy stuff, rum).

Stare long enough at The Great White Orb and eventually she will exit stage west as the dawn breaks on from the east. In new Zealand she mostly comes gently but in other climes I can well understand why Kipling used the phrase “… dawn comes up like thunder, out of …” (or is that a clause? Bugger, I should have paid a bit more attention at school). Be that as it may, here’s a dawn-breaker for you—

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 21.23.14

—you’ve seen it before but I still love it. A huge cattle truck/trailer combo was passing, slowing for the bend at the right. The slower it went the more of it you get to see …

So on this note I’ll go to bed now and dream about the perfect nighttime shot … I wish …






7 thoughts on “WPC: Nighttime

  1. Wow! Thanks for that, a better summary than I could have given. Actually, better than most of the long winded guff I’ve ploughed through on occasion.

    But despite the mathematics, despite all the credentials and undeniable genius of the guys patiently and gently explaining … I simply cannot accept the Big Bang. Tried, and my head hurt.

    In all truth the BB and BG have equally as much going for them, and BG has a greater ‘mass appeal’, despite all that waffle about becoming three-in-one and sending his holy angel down to impregnate some obscure little married virgin in an obscure little place in a particular time. BB requires as every bit much faith as BG (just a different slant).

    “Mathematics,” they told me darkly … “breaks down in a black hole”. Bugger. And now ol’ Hawking seems to be having doubts about BHs anyway: but honestly—all that ever was, is, or shall be, anywhere and everywhere, any when and every when, sucked back into a timeless spot in a non-space so tiny it doesn’t exist?

    Then again, we are told they thought the world was flat once; which would be a good deduction if your line of sight in any direction ends at the horizon and you don’t get out much …

    I said it recently and say it again: if the whole of Creation disappears like that fabled ever-decreasing-circles flying bird — then nothing exists. I say it again: nothing exists.

    Brrrr … what was it Kristoffersen said in that song “…are you a figment of my imagination, or am I one of yours?”
    (A Star Is Born — apt title.)

  2. Great night shots Argie! I am especially enamoured with your final snap, it is quite phenomenal. Excellent composition and colours.

    I liked your response to ol’ Zandie Pants above too. Even as a child I didn’t much like the BB theory, it always smacked of rotten fish to me. Herrings, red ones. However, I think you come mighty close to a better theory of events, or, thinking about it, non-events…heh…when you suggest that perhaps nothing exists. A paradoxical, oxymoronic statement if ever there was one. I do think though, that entertaining paradoxes gets you much farther along the path…or non-existent present moment…?…damn, language is tricky, it’s all one foot in front of the other! Still, to not think in such linear, constrictive terms is where the good stuff lies, in my personal opinion. But what do I know?

  3. And thank you for the nice words about the snap. I vaguely had it set up but actually getting the shot was triggered by the sound of the approach and headlights reflecting off the road in the viewfinder (and serendipitous timing).

    The shot exceeded intentions and illustrates a lot of my philosophy … good spotting~!

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