WPC: Refraction


Just a brieffie tonight—the Spouse wants my company with a Dvd; a stark choice between ‘The Man Who Sued God’ or ‘National Treasure 2′. (I like ’em both) (bugger … )

So here we have it, light being refracted

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 17.56.29

I was going to poke a stick into the water at the duck-pond but forgot to take one (and the management might get a bit scratchy if I chewed down a bamboo, so you’re stuck with this until I can do something more adventurous) …


I have enough time to add this wee snap. Second verse, same as the first, identical but slightly different — enjoy —

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 20.46.20

—and if you click on the images in these posts they should link to a larger version for you. Good luck~!

Heck … her show is overrunning, here’s another—

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 21.11.49





15 thoughts on “WPC: Refraction

    1. As crinkly as the big one appears, it’s actually unretouched … and after our movie I’ve decided to close up in the dark with a burning candle and glass of water (didn’t ol’ Nostradamus do something similar?) (brrrrr) and see what develops …

      1. Sounds like a seance Argie…intrigued as to the results. 🙂

        (That book is very compelling by the way. About half way through now.)

      2. Didn’t, so must sometime soon. Glad you’re finding book intriguing. Am now about to pull in a u-tube about a lady medic doctor and her customers’ NDEs. Just looking at the links alongside it, appears as if everyone sees Jesus … brrrr! That’s an argument against, for a start. Shall persist …

  1. I survived just six minutes into it. Too ‘New Age’ reporting (?) style for me, all the dreary dirges in the world to set the scene and then this sweet very earnest (Welsh?) damsel yapping away, fading out stage left as she is fading in from the right and overlapping herself. Yuk.

    All the supporting/advertorial links on the same page seem to have visited Jesus and/or Heaven and/or Hell, which one might expect iaw (in accordance with) our culture. If an Aztec/Mayan ever came back from donating a heart and said they’d seen ol’ Jeez I might have grounds for a serious rethink …

    The link, if you want, is—

    —and good luck if you go there.

    1. I’ll take a squiz. I love the poppy shot you added by the way, but you know I’m a sucker for poppies…
      It’s interesting that all my past life reflections have always been of very ordinary people. Even the people I draw are just ordinary folk, but I find those the most fascinating.

      1. Nope. Okay, I stomached about 3 minutes of the video before I found myself getting annoyed. I wish these things would just cut to the chase.
        I’ve also been reading a book by Jane Roberts of late called ‘Psychic Politics’. Quite a fascinating read, but no longer in print as it was first published in 1974, although I think it was an amazon purchase some years back. She has a very interesting take on the dimension beyond the physical as being that of the Heroic Dimension, reminded me somewhat of all the recent talk of Dark Matter, and the presence of something that is ordinarily undetectable. I quite firmly believe that the transition from one state to another is seamless. Life to life. Death is no more than a descriptive label in my opinion. I also believe that it doesn’t require a death in the conventional sense in order to be able to tap into the information encoded in these ‘other’ dimensions. It certainly seems to be what Ms Roberts was implying in her book. Ties in nicely with the business of reincarnation, and the book you recommended too.
        These other lives and realities exist quite within their own right, though they are not of our current time-line, or particular conscious focus. They exist within the mind of our collective and individual consciousness, that seems to be the sentiment. I like it. A lot less monochrome and linear. I also like the idea of being able to delve into the library of such a collective consciousness and pull out books and articles on subjects of our choice, and that that information then rises to the fore of our normal filters allowing us to experience first hand, if you will, these other realities, lives etc. Probably with certain distortions I would imagine, some things always get lost in translation I suppose, as you go from one mode of communication to another. Can’t fit an elephant into a Mini Cooper without some difficulty…unless you take a snap of said elephant. Changes the nature of the elephant though.
        Makes me wonder then, if the method of extracting such information from our subconscious, given the consensus in some circles that these memories are there, needs to be so elaborate and extreme. Why shouldn’t we be able to just have immediate access if we should choose to?

      2. That makes better sense (statistically). I’d love to go to a “Come as you were” party — if I went as Patton (who believed in reincarnation, we are told) I’m sure there be at least three others of me there. Possibly a dozen Cleopatras, but very few peasant Saxon farmers fro Mercia … any dogs? Dammit, don’t we woofers count too?

      3. I often have dreams of being someone else entirely, having full recollection of their memories, yet having my own too. Often I will remember exactly where I am, and that I’m related to the people around me in some way, but usually I have no recollection of how I got there as ‘Me’ or what even happened the day before as this other person. It’s a peculiar experience, being two people at once with two quite valid but separate sets of memories.

      4. I think those things are either deliberately aimed at the gullible and/or desperate—or the lady is just a poor speaker in the grip of a not very clever publicist.

        I wonder if anybody ever sat it all out?

      5. Heh, if they did sit all the way through it then they were indeed as gullible as the day is long. Her interview was probably taken out of context and slotted into this video in order to bolster who knows what. How would I know, I didn’t watch the whole film…?
        I think it’s more a case of film makers and editors don’t know how to deal with these subjects with the reverence they deserve. I think the book I’m reading on reincarnation is very well written, and the approach sound. The subject matter is presented as a straightforward piece of journalism. Good journalism at that. I believe the whole ‘New Age’ movement kicked the snot out of these marvellous and fascinating stories, leaving them to be ridiculed as something belonging to the realms of fantasy fiction. It’s a shame.

      6. Terry Pratchett has some excellent takes in his works. Sometimes guys don’t even know they’ve been killed and carry on trying to achieve their mortal aims … his ‘Death’ is the classic grinning skull in the black robe complete with scythe and hourglass; he also has a ‘Death Of Rats’ (sometime companion to the above) who harvests rodents. Brilliant.

      7. Pratchett’s Death is wonderful, as is ‘Death of Rats’.

        Interestingly, from the stories I have channelled from supposed entities that have since passed beyond the physical, a frequent statement is that they often don’t realise they have passed at all, and are still very much caught up in their corporeal reality. Their mental identities haven’t moved on. Others seem to realise sooner, and quite happily move on.
        I think where some have met violent endings, transitioning can take a while, and I am supposing that that would be my own interpretation of their intent as the physical person that I am.
        I remember one chap who was very detailed about the nature of his death, gave me names, locations, dates, all of which I was able to verify much to my own astonishment. He was a funny man, even though experiencing his demise wasn’t so funny, the only other time I have ever experienced bullets lodged within my body. Even the location of the bullets that caused his death I was able to verify. He was with me for about two weeks I suppose, then left, reappearing some years later briefly.

      8. Okay … I think it was Ouspenski (memory beginning to fail) who said simply “Think in other dimensions”.

        He was a Russian mathematician turned philosopher back in the early 20th. No axe to grind, he just called it as he saw it and tried a lot of options. His ‘New Model Of The Universe’ is worth reading. I think that after allying with Gurdjieff for a while he lost the plot a bit … as did Katherine Mansfield.

      9. I’ve heard of him. I know I’ve come across both him and Gurdjieff over the years of my explorations into all things out of the ordinary. I shall have to see if I can track that title down.

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