WPC: Achievement

Does a (can a) mountain achieve?

It’s an


when one overcomes a Challenge, and to some benighted souls the very sight of a mountain is a challenge sufficient to set them aquiver.

‘I must,’ they mutter darkly, foaming at the mouth and twitching fit to bust, ‘I must beat that beast!’ and so (eventually) some of them do.

Do they?

The conquest of Everest was quite an achievement in its time although these days there seems to be a well trodden highway to the summit—for all I know complete with hot coffee and yeti burgers at every corner. But in all honesty—does anyone ever ‘conquer’ a mountain?

I say not. No more than we humans have ‘conquered’ the air, the world’s oceans, or space. Methinks we are deluding ourselves but hey, for many it’s considered an achievement — there’s The Challenge, and often the mere act of meeting it head on is an achievement in itself.


I found myself in a holding pattern in the car park of a lady-type shop whilst She-who-must-be humoured was inside swapping goss with the proprietress. How many times can one walk in small circles around a car park without sneaking off to the pub? Luckily I had my camera and this week’s Challenge, coupled with a philosophical eye that lighted upon a clump of weed—

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 22.58.08

—an oasis of green in the Desert of Taa Mak. It made me think:  nothing but concrete and tarmac in every direction yet some enterprising seed had made it all the way to here from Who knows where, found itself a spot, put down roots, and in so unlikely a setting … flourished.


see here is all the competition from the sorry detritus of modern civilisation, beer cans, cigarette butts, oil stains, gums assorted ranging from chewing through bubble, seagull poop, paper rubbish—and our poor flourishing weed also has to contend with having its feet trodden on by manoeuvring cars.


temptations to the contrary, our weed has flourished.

The wee bugger has established a foothold and spread, it now has flowers, prospects, and eventually may be a dynasty …

…quite an achievement for one lone seed blown in on the breeze unknown time ago* .



*   Sure beats voyaging to the lifeless rocks of comets and NOT setting up flowers …



5 thoughts on “WPC: Achievement

  1. Agreed. I’m a fan of weeds. Here in Brazeeel the jungle (the Atlantic Forest, that is) would reclaim everything inside a few years if it weren’t for constant push back by us stupidly clever naked apes.

    1. The cranks and nutters I read make interesting conjectures from piles of rocks and holes and stuff under those jungles. And satellite cameras reveal that there’s a lot more under there than we ever thunk.

      I’m told that the veneer of green—the living lungs of the planet—is very thin, no oomph to it despite appearances, and that once gone would leave a thin topsoil fully qualified to disappear in a breeze. Not good.

      The birds in ‘Rio 2’ solved the problem (bloody awful movie. The first ‘Rio’ was great, the second not worth a brass razoo. But I did like the way the birds defended their turf). We need more grumpy birds …

    1. Bummer, that never occurred to me. Dammit, I shan’t sleep now until I go back there and rabbit carefully through that wee pile …

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