WPC: Converge



with eternal thanks to technology, especially those little electron things (without which we’d still be lugging huge black boxes around in horse-drawn carts).

SO, THE CHALLENGEScreen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.05.24

of the week is ‘converge’. Fair enough; yesterday in town The Spouse and I diverged—she rolled her sleeves up and launched into her favourite bargain shops (no man’s land, if ever there were any) whilst I ducked off to the park where I got lightly rained on in my enthusiastic pursuit of the legendary Good Shot.


to come together at a point. Words to that effect, but thank heavens no-one seems to have defined or limited that point. In fact most of us just assume it; so here’s a snap I snope—


—in the ‘Winter Gardens’ part of the park. (Technical details: I was under the translucent dome in the middle bit and looking up. Upwards. Uppish, whatever) (got dripped on, too …)


taken some gorgeous colour shots—beautifully mistified by all the condensation on the lens—I cleared said droplets and carried on.

Outside later I came across two different but adjacent bushes absolutely alive with bumble bees and a few honeys, of which I got and ditched (agile little buggers) quite a few shots. (For another post, complete with tale, in the meantime back to technology)—


of the power of the polarising filter. Boom boom~! Read on …


of a convergence my eagle (okay, despairing) eye spotted at the bottom of a murky pool a pattern that might almost fit the bill. It looked like this—

Polaroid 1

—and if you look under that floating frond you may just see some artefacts resembling a convergence of sorts. Hard to make out, no?


This is where technology comes in—although I know the basic theory I don’t know how they’ve translated it into the physical, but I do know how to (whenever I remember to) use it: my lens-protecting Polarising Filter.

One quick tweak, and voila—

Polaroid 2

—suddenly all is revealed. Glare (most of it) removed as if by magic. Very handy for intensifying colours too … which I already knew, but had I gone any further on that slippery slope my colours may well have become saturated. Not good.


hot pursuit of some tiny wee baby ducklings. None for weeks after the initial spring flush but today half a dozen of the blighters (as always, out of focus). (I don’t understand it—everything around (above, below, near, far) the ducklings was in focus but not the critturs themselves.) Challenge me on this and I’ll post the definitive fuzzy duckling from yesterday, you’ll possibly see what I mean).


back to the mechanistic convergence snaps; a cute wee pattern resembling some infant’s attempt at creating a UN flag—

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 7.55.48

—which given a few hundred million dollars of well spent publicity by purpose-built UN committees might even catch on.





2 thoughts on “WPC: Converge

    1. At this time of the year it’s either running around, sliding around, squelching around or all three (our gods are capricious down here).
      Amusing is running up to a bee-filled bush and getting the shot—reality is sliding headfirst into said bush and getting stung; ergo we try not to run unless on the paths. (Thank Veles the bumble:honey ratio was greatly favourable, bumbles seem to like me and the honeys just took it in their stride.)(I nearly ended up nozzle first in that wee duck pond, though—Spouse would not have been amused …)

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