Everything, it seems


as I am about to demonstrate. Please observe the drums below—

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 20.23.06

—which I observed as I was tripping by a sales yard this morning; filled with all sorts of goodies.

“Yellow,” the Spouse told me once, “is the complement of blue.” She should know, being an artist. All I know of complements is that they fill a ship, make friends of the ladies, add up to ninety degrees and possibly even cancel … so if blue is the complement of yellow and they do cancel, does that mean that most of the drums in those racks above are actually invisible?


So moving on further in our search for the dread primary I happened across a seasonal reference in a shop window (I do that a lot at this time of year) …

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 20.20.28

… ’nuff said. Just you try being a leaping reindeer in a big shaggy fur coat around about now in New Zealand …


Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 20.21.32Global Bytes coffee lounge (which I unashamedly plug whenever I get the chance—in all the years we’ve been down here in Southland these are the only people who will make a hot coffee on request) we pass by  a shop window with inflated colours (I think the yellow guy could be some sort of snakey thing—whatever, kids seem to like it) and a machine whereby you feed in endless two-dollar coins and briefly get to control a grabber/dropper mechanism. If very lucky you snare yourself a fuzzy thing worth (I would say) a lot less than the two buck entry fee; but kids seem to love it.Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 20.19.02 All cleverly done with mirrors making the target look bigger and thus easier. Just a couple of months ago I saw a young Maori kid at work on a similar machine in a supermarket foyer—he was a top-gun ace, in no time he’d scored three wee teddy bears and gave two to his little sister; but he was very much an exception. Bright colours multiplied by mirrors—no wonder yellow abounds.


the campus of the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) I noticed a yellow which I couldn’t resist shooting—

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 20.27.18

—and even though school is out for the year my mind’s ear could hear some professor in an upstairs lecture room peering out of the window of the Photography Class and saying “So here we have an impromptu demonstration, Class … watch this old goat down there and observe his technique. Yes, yes, that’s it … get in close, disregard everything except the shot … well done, Sir … … And only after you have your shot in the can may you relax and wipe all the birdie poop off your elbows …”

Stupid sparrows.

My final entry for today has to be this variation on a theme—

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.01.35

—make of it what you will. “Raindrops on roses and mittens on kittens” or however Miss Andrews sang it … seems apt; a wet macro is one of my favourite things too.

Yesterday I bought a lovely cast iron fry pan in an op shop. Got it for five bucks and I hesitate to ponder what it would have been worth new, but the condition is immaculate. It has been well loved and well treated for possibly years. Swedish, a Skeppshult 220 and it fries wonderfully. Eggs for brekkie tomorrow and I may just get a shot of the yellow yolks for posting (I mean bragging) here. I’m up for the Challenge





8 thoughts on “WPC: YELLOW

    1. I love strong colours myself. Subtle too. Red is my favourite, alongside gold and right up there with blue, and green … and one of our very favourite Dvd movies is ‘Rio’ (they do colour wonderfully in that) ~!

      1. It is the animated movie—but Rio 2 isn’t worth a plugged nickel, we gave ours away after one viewing. Rio is great, if familiar with the city you may well recognise some sights. Damme Sir — I always thought ‘Carnival’ was pronounced like carnival, we live and learn … and Nigel (the Australian input, ex Shakespearian actor) Spouse just loves him~! (Yuk)

  1. You scored a macro of a yellow rose, you’re a dog after my own Leo heart.

    Isn’t it amazing just how much yellow you notice there abouts when you’re looking for it?
    Looks like you had a very successful sortie lovely Argie. I like your selection of shots.
    I’m on my way up to London this afternoon, you’ll have me fixating on yellow things now. I’ll be sure to have my yellow phone to the ready…

    1. London … they’ve changed the colour of the busses and I wasn’t informed? Aaaaah, London at this time of the year—such memories. Enjoy~! 🙂

      1. Actually, they’ve changed the shape of the buses. It was a shivk to my system when I saw them last Christmas I can tell you. They look like a very space age version of the old Route Master.
        Although I would normally give my home town s wide berth, I will be reuniting with my own Spouse in the morning, and I’m very excited. Then we’re going to take in a West End show.

        I did capture some yellow tupe shots on my way up. Maybe I’ll post them.

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