WPC: motion

Hoo boy!

This could be a toughie~! And one might get e-motion-ally involved.
Ouch. Onwards and downwards …


denotes change of position with respect to time. Something like that, but unless using a movie camera one might have problems catching it. This is where the other week’s Challenges (Blur) could come in handy. But that might also be considered cheating. Bugger … okay, now what?

Not allowed to blur, not allowed multiple images … I know!  Trace!


can trap motions too. (I’ve seen some gorgeous shots of night skies filled with tracer from various calibres of weaponry. You get to see the moving (in motion) hostility all the way from source to destruction, or whatever part thereof the shutter caught.)

But I’m fresh out of firepower. And yet—

—wait, let me set a new scene:

The Spouse and I went to Gore for the day. There’s a shop in Gore that sells the world’s very best ‘traditional’ New Zealand doughnuts. Spouse isn’t allowed them so we buy two and I eat half of her one as well as my own. Perhaps ‘eat’ isn’t the right word—she eats, I engulf. They really are that good.


post doughnut she went into a big stationery shop. I love that shop but my ‘stay-time’ inside is severely curtailed due to their wildly enthusiastic over-use of commercial perfumed pollution injecting machines so I stay outside.


is sadly away having a self-jammed shutter de-jammed (I hope). So I’ve fished out my old Olympus UZ740, which while not in the same league still does a fairly adequate job. Now, I was minding my own business admiring the passels of passing pulchritude when it occurred to me that between myself and the elderly building across the street something black, wingless, and hairy was in motion. On nothing. Intriguing …

I got closer and observed (he’s swift, this guy, I tell ya!) that it was a spider, and there was method to its movements. So I stared enthralled and people started giving me a wide berth … in the end I hauled out the ol’ 740 and got just three shots.

By then everyone knew I was loopy and I almost had the street to myself, so wide a berth was I now getting. I couldn’t use the zoom or viewfinder so had to do it modern-method (holding at arm’s length)—have you ever held a one-inch screen at right angles at arm’s length above your head (told you it was old) and tried to see what you’re snapping?

Anyway, enough of me (don’t go just yet, there’s a bit more) …

Gore spider
… and (serendipity~! I had no idea~!) if you look closely at the snap (a link to a bigger image—worth the visit) you should be able to make out the tracers, which in this case are the trails of brand-new web the wee crittur was spinning.


an apparently immobile (brief exposure freezes motion) movement (motion) made manifest by the spider’s efforts and the camera’s adroitness.


to rabbit through my holdings to see if I caught any real motion at any time.

(I think they must be rebuilding my camera from scratch, it’s been over two weeks already …)


5 thoughts on “WPC: motion

    1. Link should work … sadly I know very little about spiders, other than I awoke in a sleepout porch one morning in Australia—the spider on the wall just inches from my nose was so large I completely disregarded any possibility of it being real and went back to sleep. It was gone later.

      But even later we were cleaning out friend’s garage when we brushed up some deceased spiders of similar (though dessicated) size. Brrrrr~!

      1. The link works. Nice!
        I don’t have too many problems with spiders.
        I am busy trying to nurse back to health a young Rain Spider at the moment.
        She was stung by a Pompilid Wasp.

      2. Good luck. We keep a ‘spider box’ — a sliding-drawer type matchbox, especially for catching any spiders in the house and releasing ’em unharmed outside …

    2. Yup … just retested link, it works for me (used Firefox to post, just used Safari to test). Good luck …

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