WPC: Fs of N

Weekly Photo Challenge


and face it—what could be more forceful?


oops, PC alert:  I meant Personkind (gotta get it right and to hell with the niceties of the lingo) … so, Personkind can invent the split atom and releases of energy on a grand scale, but compared with Mother Nature all the stored up atoms of the arsenals of the world are nothings.


can be ferocious in Her fury or dulce and decorumous in her transitions. Take a beak at the snap below—do the good people strolling through the park this day in the merry merry month of May notice for one moment that the leaves are abandoning ship at an ever increasing rate?

I doubt it.

Even the ducks seem unconcerned, and so they should be—it’s open season on ducks here in NZ right now but there are limits, and in the park a sportsman would have to do a bit of explaining for discharging a shotgun.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 20.13.22

To pull almost every leaf off of all the trees and shrubs and things of the chilly world would take humans (oops, sorry again PC) hupers an immense amount of time, effort, energy, and cash.

Nature does it on all our behalfs (behalves? Bummer …) for free. Sure, we could unleash the permade forces of Nature via the atom but there’d be a lot more tidying up to do afterwards (and nobody much around to do it).


for the gently applied Forces of Nature.


Boom boom~!




2 thoughts on “WPC: Fs of N

  1. Thanks … I love that park.
    But you guys have history—I’m booked in tonight for ‘The Lost Kingdoms of South America’ and really looking forward to it. SA history goes back … oodles (officially, but unofficially waaaaay further back—and unofficially is gradually coming out of the closet) — all we get here is Maoris and tuataras. I’d gladly swap our seasons for your history 🙂

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