and hoping I haven’t goofed (at least not too much) …

A test piece: St Mary's Basilica (again)
A test piece: St Mary’s Basilica (again)

… we may be in for a long haul until I get this new ‘theme’ right.

I plan on using this blog just to showcase general purpose snaps (and/or light-hearted commentary) from now on—we’ll leave old ‘doom an’ gloom’ for other blogs.

In the meantime—




11 thoughts on “NEW LOOK …

  1. After several tries, I think I’ve finally found a ‘theme’ I can live with.

    Just hoping now that you like it … 🙂 🙂

    1. It was sneaking up on me, but stepped on a noisy twig and I shot first …

      Actually it’s very photogenic. (A lot like ducks, in fact …)

    1. Hah! That’s a hoary old diversion the gummint of the day drags up when in panic mode. A few years ago (pre web) the ‘Letters’ columns were full of it, and most popular at one time was Don Clark’s rugby boot (an All Black)(ie God).

      1. You hear outraged squawks as you pass the RSA sometimes: “I fought and died for that flag! And now they’re gunna change it?!!”

        Go for it, I say! Get rid of the silly stars, the UJ upper left, change the colours … all is vanity anyway.

        we will end up with primarily red, black, and some green … and it will be Maori squiggles predominant. (Still room for that boot, though~!)

      2. Love it~!

        Wearable art, that too’s a thought—we could even have road-rollers in stencil form; hell, not even the Yanks would have thousands of miles of patriotic highways and stuff with (a local equivalent) ‘Old Glory’ imprinted every few feet—

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