WPC: connected

Connected as we are by the passage of time (oh, really? Or is Time a permanent that we pass along—much as traversing a tunnel?) moot point: into it!


Aren’t we all?

Some are—some just seem to get wrong numbers …

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 16.06.39


that this plant was the inspiration for velcro. Velcro is great stuff. But this friendly little anti-social plant is anything but. I love it and try never to brush against it—a real problem sometimes when absently mowing the lawn; and once it’s got a grip on your clothes it doesn’t let go easily. You may just have a fiend for life.


As in what lies underfoot—

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 16.04.12

—and you see this combination quite often in Southland. I think it’s one of those clever modern ideas that never needs explanation, ‘cos everyone understands hieroglyphics.

The drain below connects us (eventually) with the distant seas—that much I figured out for myself; but the red blob that looks a bit like a stylised sardine … I dunno. Does it mean that one is encouraged to go fishing here?

Or being red could it mean danger? As in There are piranhas and/or taniwhas below, do not poke anything you’d miss into these slots.

Then again, it could simply mean No Fishing. (Bugger—they’re clever, these esoteric linguists.)


was happily (?) being serviced by our dentician chap recently I sat outside with my camera. And in the course of being grateful that I could no longer hear the drilling I let my sight wander to a washer-thing on the nearby brickwork.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 16.00.39

It occurred to me that the washer is connected to our planet (about eight thousand miles in diameter) (planet, not washer) by the essence of gravity.

Some call gravity a force, to others it’s simply an attraction, a hole in the spacetime continuum into which anything nearby can fall. Ye gods. However, when one considers that the entire planet Earth is trying desperately to stop that thing from flying off into space and succeeding—yet this feeble old dog can simply take hold of it, and in an unnoticed tug-of-war against all umpty-umpt million zillion billion squillion tons of our planet simply lift it away; one has to ponder the strengths of forces holding our universe together.

Okaaaaaay … let me put it more simply:  who (or which) is stronger—you, or the entire planet Earth? 

You are! Be proud. Strut a little—I shan’t judge.


are getting technical here, try to guess the connection in this snap scored when making a wee visit one night—

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.55.04

—I don’t know either. Perhaps it’s the laser.

I have no idea why, but I suspect that lasers aren’t continuous light— just oodles of little pulses effectively joined end to end. Anyway, I aimed my camera and then wraggled a pocket laser at a nearby pole … and there you have it. Connected.


Hard luck, you’ll just have to tune in again next post. (Sufficient unto the day etc etc …)






2 thoughts on “WPC: connected

  1. The red paint mark by a drain usually means: ”Fred ( or relevant name) dropped his watch/wedding ring/lottery ticket here and if any of you scaly buggers finds it, return it to the depot.”

  2. I’d like to help ol’ Fred out but left my snorkel in the garage—and wouldn’t fancy having a snork in them thar drains anyway (I’ve seen what goes into them).

    The Maoris have a taniwha in anything that looks as if someone may be about to investigate/develop it (said taniwha can of course be removed for a wee fee … only then are you legal). I stay clear as best I can of taniwhas (hard luck, Fred. But if I see a taniwha wearing a watch, I’ll let him know …)

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