This week is a bit of a toughie—nothing much is monochromatic. But with a wee bit of licence, tolerance, and a slight tweak in interpretation we may yet be up and running.


this time the challenge goes both ways. I try to meet the WPC with a snap, you are challenged to identify it (answers at the end) (if I remember …)


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 19.40.31

clue:  don’t try to read any symbolism into it—that’s not (unless by pure coincidence) a misrepresentation of Death’s scythe.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 18.14.36

Easy peasey! No, I didn’t render this one colourless in Photoshop—and any resemblance to the ancient Egyptian ‘Flower of life’ is purely coincidental. I think …


of course isn’t limited to black and white. Anyone can convert multi-chrome to mono (done it meself, up top there) but you can have mono-colours too; as here—

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 19.54.23

—which I see as shadings of the one True Colour (ye gods, I feel I should start a new religion …)


for explanations.

But have a crack anyway, and be prepared to love it—

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 20.02.19


other than the wee greebies all over it, and the unsubtle nuances of shading, is genuinely almost monochromatic—

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 21.40.55


more but by now you must be hating me, so here’s your answers:

The first—let me mention that it’s spring time here in NZ and it seems the whole of Nature is into nesting and associated activities. So of course in the park the trees are (some of ’em) spreading pollen with mad rapturous abandonment; showering it all over pond and people alike. Ergo when Mr Duck goes quackers and chases Mrs duck until she catches him they leave wee trails (while doing their ice-breaker act through the floating pollen).

The second … shucks, just a council drain cover in the pavement. I was galloping along Deveron Street with The Spouse and got growled at for stopping to take the shot (she wanted her coffee).

Number three— if you didn’t spot straight away that it’s part of a bloody great roller sitting in the rough concealed by trees, shrubs, undergrowth and gods alone know what else (don’t ask) close by the Southland Cricket Club then you’ve never been yoked to a roller as part of your dues to the sport. Lucky you …

FOUR — too obvious for words. Moving on … what? Okayyyyy … it’s a brushy thing by the cricketeers’ clubhouse. Mounted on the ground. If you have muddy or otherwise grubby clogs you have to swing ’em through this thing a few times before you can go in to claim your tea and sandwich. (No, I don’t play cricket but I’ve seen enthusiasts doing their thing.)


Aha! Gotcha! Rather than explain I’ll let the picture itself speak for me. What you saw above was a snippet snup from this—

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 22.02.53

—which is a neggie I found as I was crashing through the undergrowth. A little bigger than a size 7 eating egg from the supermarket, it was just lying there on the leaves and quite unattended. As far as I know it’s still there, not many folks go independent when there’s lots of lovely paths.

The camera didn’t capture the semi-translucent almost porcelain finish and didn’t do justice to the bluey tint …


monochromatic. I briefly considered a shot of the clear blue sky but spring is an interesting season down here and I couldn’t find one …

But as far as the Challenge is concerned, I think I’m legal.

I hope …





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