WPC: Change

counting down to the next change

which here means the next Challenge, but in the




here’s a wee snap for you to be challenged by. With. Whatever … but if you can tell me what it is without looking it up or asking the family antique, you are older than you think will admit.


I was bimbling a back way through the park and in traversing the road less travelled happened upon a wee storage place, wherein was the below beast—

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 18.01.55

—which all will recognise instantly as a concrete bath tub. A bit old-fashioned, perhaps, yet with room for the soap and loofah and rubber ducks at the far end (and a big fat bumble bee at this end).


it, well done and good for you. (Quite wrong, of course, but at least you had the gumption to give it a name.)

I don’t know either.

But I believe it to be a horse trough—you know, one of those things they scattered about town-and-countryside with mad rapturous abandonment a hundred and more years ago, for refuelling the ol’ motive powers of waggons and stuff.


I hear your mind ticking … of course. These days we’ve changed from waggons to motor-cars (autos), from velocipedes to Segways, from hay to petrol (aka gasoline) and from free water-troughs to card-operated self-service pumps.


have a nice duck. First baby of the season—

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 22.28.10

—he may not look much but in the last few days he changed from being an inert egg to a highly manoeuvrable speedy wee feather-coated surface dweller; soon to change from limitations of just 2 dimensions to the freedom of 3. Boom boom~!

And my apologies for the unchanging condition of that duck pond. Yuk …






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