as in



of summer and/or winter. Together.

All at once or both together at the same time … okay, mere minutes apart. Confused? Don’t be—that’s my job. I live here and it comes with the turf.

OFTEN MY BELOVED Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 20.20.08

Spouse asks (you know the scene: big round eyes, soft voice) “What should I wear?” — which question anywhere else begs and gets a prompt male answer delivered in tones definitive. No?

But not down here in NZ’s Southland. After much internetting this morning and doing the rounds of the Met bazaars before she even staggered out of bed the best I could conclude (and offer) was “Dress for warm and carry for cold—” which as always goes down like a lead balloon … followed by the safeguard “and be prepared for rain!”

Anyway, to cut a long story short that’s exactly what I did. And kudos to her, that’s how she handled my precision as well. For once. Now:

this (snap, below) I took on my way to the library—

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 16.47.17

—and this next I took when I stepped out of the library not long after with a heavy portable book in my wee bag (folds down into a wallet and zips shut)* (I love it!) taken from almost the same place—

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 19.50.53

—and if the difference amazes then you’ve never been to Southland. Air temperature cold, with oodles of wind chill at times, but: out in the sunlight … el cooko. Hot. And I wasn’t in the bookery for long, either.

But do not fret, those wintry blasts returned several times, as did the sunny interludes; and many is the local who’s failed to learn the simple expression valid for all seasons down here:

Dress for warm

Carry for cold


But sometimes, just sometimes, our extraordinary weather can actually fool you—I always feel such a goat in the height of summer carrying a big heavy coat …

It's a back-to-front world sometimes ...
                                                   It’s a back-to-front world sometimes …



* Oops … bag, that is. Not book …



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